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Trip Report **COMPLETED** The 4 M's (Plus two J's and a N): A Birthday Christmas Extravaganza

Doc Disney

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Hello everyone - we got back from the World yesterday so time to start our trip report.

Who ?
The whole family (as the title indicates)
My sister Jill and my brother in law Nick
My other sister Betta (her name is Elizabeth we call her Betta) and my nephew Max
And my parents (Jeff and Mary) and myself (Megan)

December 3-8, 2019
Jill and Nick were there November 30-December 6, 2019

To celebrate Jill's 40th Birthday and Christmas :)

Port Orleans French Quarter - our favorite moderate

The title:
I like the title the 4 M's because that's what Max calls my Mom, Betta, him and I - Mary, Mom (Betta), Max and Megan :) Then - just added some initials :hilarious:

Day 1 December 3, 2019
After work I headed home and met up with my Mom, Dad, Max and Betta and we headed to the airport. We were originally supposed to leave the next day, but that flight got pushed to 5 am and I work typically until 9 pm on Tuesday nights. So, I adjusted my schedule and we took this flight instead of having to get up SUPER early after a late work night.
I should mention that Betta was on crutches this trip - this is from her surgery I have mentioned before (hip surgery) that she had 8 weeks ago. Needed some help getting around long distances.
I had a hard time taking photos this trip just due to pushing the stroller mostly so sorry in advance.
We had some dinner in the airport then headed to our gate.
Our room was ready and it turns out we were next to Jill and Nick and Betta and Max were next to us. We did not ask for this so that was a nice surprise.
Our plane was at the gate but for some reason no one got off for forever. Then, we had 10 wheelchairs that needed to go on one at a time.
Finally we boarded about 20 minutes late.
We ended up having to de-ice. It was SUPER dry out at the time we were supposed to leave but all of a sudden started snowing SO hard right before we left.
You can kind of see it outside the window
So...in the end we ended up leaving about 45 minutes late :confused:
The flight felt like it took forever but eventually we landed at 9:30 pm.
New Star Wars Galaxy's Edge stuff around the fonorail

Next up: more arrival

Doc Disney

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Day 1 continued
On the fonorail Max said "look Mom I'm riding on a pole" :hilarious: To which everyone in the car laughed.
We elected to get our luggage to avoid a late drop off.
Then we dragged it all the way over to the Magical Express
Magical Express selfies
Hello Disney and all the dead bugs on the window :hilarious:
I did not take any more photos the rest of the night. We made it to the hotel around 11:15 pm and headed right to bed.

Next up: Day 2

Doc Disney

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Day 2 December 4, 2019
We got up before 7 somehow :hilarious:. While getting ready Betta texted me to say she was heading down to the lobby to grab the stroller and see if we could stay in our current rooms. Since we headed down the night before fairly last minute we had two separate hotel reservations. We were originally staying a night at All Stars but with persistence I found 2 rooms at French Quarter so we did not have to move resorts. While my sister was in the line to ask about moving rooms we both got room ready texts for our current rooms. Woohoo!
My Mom and I still headed down to the lobby to change credit cards.
There was a long line at check in, but it moved fairly quickly. The woman in front of us asked for a manager because she was in line for "45 minutes" which I know for sure she was not because I asked my sister who was in the line 30 minutes before us :hilarious::hilarious:
After changing our credit cards we grabbed some quick breakfast and brought it back to the room. We had a bagel, chocolate croissant and regular croissant but the only picture I have is of the chocolate croissant.
Eventually we got on a MK bus and we arrived :)
We stopped for a PP picture to start. It was a bit chilly out - I think at this point it was only like 50 degrees outside but some of us were in shorts because it was still warmer than home :hilarious:
Then (after buying Max a blanket for his stroller) we headed to Haunted Mansion for our first FP.

Next up: more MK
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