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Trip Report **COMPLETED** A Boardwalk Babymoon

Hey guys! I have been back for awhile and to be honest I was not planning on writing a Trip Report because I have a lot going on right now. However, I was looking through all my pictures the other day feeling a little sad about not writing one. So...here we are! To be honest this was a long trip so this is probably going to take me forever to write (especially since I have a few trips coming up) :)

Ok...let's get down to it !

My Mom (Mary), my sister Jill and myself (Megan)
This is from our last trip together in Feb 2020

May 20-30, 2021

Boardwalk Villas - staying on DVC points!

Jill and her husband Nick adopted a baby! If she is ok with it I will post a photo at some point of him. Funny enough we planned this trip before they got matched with a baby! They have been going through the adoption process for over a year and we thought it would give her a boost if we gifted her this trip! Literally like 2 weeks after we officially added her to the trip she got the call! It was perfect timing!! The baby was born just last week :) Also side note my Mom and I were supposed to be in Disneyland/on an Adventures by Disney tour this trip which is why it was so long :)

Day 1 - May 20, 2021
My Mom stayed at my house so we could drive ourselves to the airport instead of waking my Dad up super early on a Thursday.
We got up at 3:30 am, got ready and headed out the door!
We made it to the airport and found the best parking spot! I was so happy ! It was our first time driving ourselves to the airport :hilarious:
I avoided an overweight suitcase thanks to a home scale so.....phew!
Took some photos when we got there!




Oh I should mention that Jill came a few days later!
We were starving so we tried to rope drop our usual breakfast place...

But...it was supposed to open at 5 and it did not so we ended up eating cookies and licorice :hilarious::hilarious:


New sparkle Magic Bands

Plane selfie !

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Doc Disney

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Day 9 continued
Look at Buzz looking at Pluto :inlove:

Anyway we headed to Backlot Express for lunch.
Some industrial lights for you


My Mom and I got chicken tenders and Jill got a burger. And of course plastic cheese for everyone.


After lunch it was time for Rise! Our boarding group was called around 11:30.




If you are wondering why my photo is so far away and weird looking its because it was PACKED in this room. I have never seen the line extend all the way back into this room!

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Doc Disney

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Day 9 continued


You can kind of see how crowded it was from this blurry photo...



Anyway ....after Rise we watched Vacation Fun before heading out of the park and saying goodbye to DHS for the trip!

Oh well I guess I did this on the way out...

Jill wanted to ride the Skyliner so we hopped on


Last time I took this photo I was talking about how our next trip would be there...but then COVID happened and we obviously never got to go...:cry:

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Doc Disney

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Day 9 continued
Skyliner continued

Back at the Boardwalk my Mom and Jill got some ice cream

Then after I did some work I headed down to the pool. It was SO cold back home !! Like in the low 40s. So ...sorry not sorry.



Then we got ready for dinner!
Balcony photos...



Our dinner was in Japan so we headed there.

Oh hello Animal Crossing!

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Doc Disney

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Day 9 continued
Cucumber/seaweed salad to start

Our chef's name was Duke. He was from Hawaii and he was awesome!

Noodles and veggies


And a terrible photo of my steak. Jill had steak and chicken and my Mom had chicken but I forgot to take photos of their food....and their drinks :banghead:

Anyway...dinner was SO good!!! We had the best time. We have been putting off going to this restaurant for years because my Mom and I did not want to sit with strangers :joyfull: COVID was in our favor because there was a divider in the table but either way it was kind of loud in there so no need to talk to strangers!
We can not wait to go back! After dinner we had some PP pictures taken! I love all of them!




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Day 2 continued
We passed the time in line by trying to order a cake for later in the trip :)
View attachment 566415
View attachment 566416
View attachment 566411
View attachment 566412
View attachment 566413
Our photo :joyfull: We only waited about 30 minutes...I think it was posted 45 :)
View attachment 566417
View attachment 566414
After this we stopped for some photos ...
View attachment 566418
View attachment 566419
View attachment 566420

Next up: more DHS

OMG your mom's top is the best!! Where did she get that??


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We love Teppan Edo too although I do love talking with strangers so the plastic partitions make it a bit harder. We ate there in April this year and had the best time too!!! Love all the PP photos. You can never have too much gelato while at WDW! 🤣

Doc Disney

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We love Teppan Edo too although I do love talking with strangers so the plastic partitions make it a bit harder. We ate there in April this year and had the best time too!!! Love all the PP photos. You can never have too much gelato while at WDW! 🤣

Thank you!! And yes - I could talk to a wall at Disney so I am not sure why I am so concerned

Doc Disney

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May 29, 2021 Day 10
We got up at 5:45 am, got ready and had some breakfast in the room.
I had a healthy rice crispy treat....

We were down at the bus stop by 6:30 am and on a bus by 6:45!

Made it to rope drop...

What a lovely train station view...🤪

The park opened at 7:10 am and all was going well until....Jill was not allowed in :banghead:
They told her she did not have a park reservation. I did not make her park reservations so part of me was like THIS IS WHY I DO EVERYTHING MYSELF! But...the other part of me knows I triple check everything and I know I checked her reservations so that was odd. Of course the park was booked out for the day too :cry: Thankfully the CM who came over to check on the issue was from South Buffalo (where we are from) and knew a lot of the same people so let her in. Phew!!! Jill said she was prepared to start crying if need be :joyfull:
Anyway...we headed right to 7DMT which was not open yet anyway!

We happened to be right in front of Jolene (edit her name is @Sillysidewalker ) so she said hi to us and we chatted in line the whole time!!

It was so nice to meet her and her family!
Oh I should mention my tank (and my Mom and Jill's too) was a gift from @sheriffwoody :) I'm obsessed with it. I wear it all the time here at home too!
The ride opened pretty soon after we got in line.



In the end we waited about 30 minutes!

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Doc Disney

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Day 10 continued

We had the best morning! We waited less than 15 minutes for everything which is nuts since it was the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend.
For lunch we went to Peco Bills!
I had the beef tacos

We also got churros (and all the condiments)

Jill got beef nachos

And my Mom had chicken tacos

There was a HUGE fight in Peco Bill's. It was so awkward. A family was fighting over some spilled food and it was loud and borderline physical. The CMs did a great job of calming it down. It was just so awkward!
Anyway...Jill took this photo of lights...


We wandered around a bit after this...



Next up: more MK

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