Complain MORE about the Lights of Winter!


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Don't let up! Be more vocal! Unleash your anger over charging more and offering less! Let Disney know the product you expect out of them to deserve YOUR hard-earned dollars! Don't settle for anything less than what YOU think Disney should be offering. Refuse to have your ideal vacation nickel-and-dimed away. You have every right as a loyal customer to express displeasure with decisions that reduce the value of the experience for what you pay.




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Especially if there's any possibility of LoW returning in 2011, as has been mentioned before. :D

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Excellent point! I've thought about complaining to Guest Relations about a few things before, but now I see that it is imperative! For example, if a quarter of the people on these boards would complain to GR at the Animal Kingdom in a given period of time, they might get fed up with complaints and actually fix the Yeti! Same goes with the LoW. It might be too late to put them up this year, but if they become annoyed at the complaints, then we could potentially see them next year!


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But whats the point, it's not coming back :cry:. Lets just move on.

Considering the fact that these lights are probably sitting in a warehouse, it wouldn't be that difficult for Disney to bring them back. A bit of money to get people to set them up and take them down, maybe some replacement lights. Not that expensive. It's more than possible.


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I think complaining helps people vent about loses like this. Sometimes it is difficult to lose things we love seeing every year, and I see this as a coping mechanism.


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I guess to the admins you cant have an opinion that differs from the norm eh?

Having an opinion that's obviously and admittedly nothing more than an invitation for argument and flaming is against forum rules. To argue with the moderators and owner of the site is more proof that you are nothing more than a trouble maker.

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