Coming to Florida from a cold place

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Just did this and am still congratulating myself.
We started our January trip in St Louis, where it was 20 degrees.
We put on our winter coats for the trip into the terminal.
Then we stuffed them into the empty duffel bag I had brought and checked it.
We didn't have to mess with carrying our coats in the airport or try to stuff them under the seats on the plane.
Of course, they arrived in our room with the other checked luggage, but we really didn't need them until we got back to St. Louis, where we reversed the process. Got duffel bag off luggage carousel, then bundled up, because it was STILL 20 degrees in St Louis!


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Yuk ! Sorry to hear it. Glad you had a safe trip, hope your stay was fun. Please keep the cold weather up there LOL. 😝

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Original Poster was 50 degrees and very windy on Jan 20. I talked to the balloon seller on Main St who said she was holding onto lamp posts to avoid doing an “Up.”
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Sounds like a good idea, OP!

We flew to Orlando in February and weren't checking any bags, so we had to leave our winter coats in the car (parked at the Syracuse, NY airport), and endure a rather shivery walk to/from the vehicle in our hoodies in freezing temperatures. We told the kids it would make them tougher and stronger. ;)
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