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When we were there the week of July 4th, they were serving a selection from the Columbia menu inside Tomorrowland Terrace. I'm not sure when the actual restaurant will reopen.


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It will come back once they can get the number of staff they need. The Tomorrowland Terrace kitchen services a number of the carts & stands in the park (they make the spring rolls!) so they need less staff overall by combining those duties with the limited CHH menu there.


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When they reopen hopefully there wont be a change up to their selections. Walking through when it was closed but being used for the PP distancing standby line, I was thinking about the wonderful food I was missing out on.


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That's encouraging! It was only a few days between the online updating of the Casey's Corner menu and a reopening announcement, wasn't it? Perhaps the reopening of CHH will follow a similarly fast timeline.

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