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Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek - Thoughts?

Tom P.

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Hey folks,

We are a large family (8 people) and although we love staying on property and have always done so in the past, it is just getting to the point where it is too cost prohibitive for us. It's either book a couple of standard rooms and be completely cramped or book a 2- or 3-bedroom DVC villa and, even if renting points, pay through the nose for it. So we are, for the first time, looking at off-property options.

I'm curious for thoughts, experiences, etc. regarding Club Wyndham Bonnet Creek. At first glance, it looks like a great option for us since it is still basically inside the Disney bubble, which we love, but at significantly less money than going on-property. Even renting DVC points through someplace like DVC Rental Store, it looks like it would basically be double what the equivalent accommodations would be over at Club Wyndham. We're probably looking at going in early September and we'd probably be looking at a 2- or 3-bedroom suite.

So... thoughts? There are tons of YouTube videos and such out there, but I'd love to hear from people here who have actually stayed there.



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I stayed about 4 years ago in a 1 bedroom villa at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek. The room was very nice. The pools and lazy river were excellent and very relaxing. If I recall, there was also a small mini-golf course that we used an a few other recreational amenities that we enjoyed. There's no real theming, although they do some decorating at the holidays, etc.

Dining options were unimpressive, and the transportation options are not close to what they are at Disney hotels. Neither was a problem for us as we always rent a car.

We would certainly stay there again if the timing and prices worked. That said, we generally rent a house in Kissimmee for our group of 6. Saves money and gives us much more space.

Tom P.

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Original Poster
Thanks for the feedback! Like you, we will have a car with us, so we're not as worried about the transportation situation. Mostly, my main concern is not having that feeling of being "in the Disney bubble," but for our size family, the on-property options, even renting DVC points, are so expensive. That's why we started looking at this property, because it was right next to everything at Disney.


New Member
We are Wyndham owners and DVC owners. Wyndham Bonnet Creek is a favorite of ours. We love the units, lazy rivers, pools and slides, and great location. Wyndham has cracked down on owner point rentals during high demand times. So if you do a private rental from an owner, make sure it is either during a non priority demand time or the owner is using one of their allowed two guest certificates per year for high owner priority time for a guest. September should be low demand time.


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