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Club level gift to castmembers


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We are wanting to make a basket for the club level staff since we can’t tip. What kind of things beyond the normal candy, snacks, Starbucks gift cards? Any castmembers have suggestions on things that would be appreciated and useful for your work day???

Eric Graham

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How very thoughtful of you. I brought country ham biscuits after my service call because I was so overjoyed at what they did for me!


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How about a short wooden bat, ya know, a club? Or maybe a packet of playing cards that have all the diamonds, hearts, and spades removed?
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Cash is still King.


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It isn't a tipped role, but they are allowed to receive gifts from guests. A little thing I learned, as I always like to tip these amazing CMs on Club as well, is to just put the money in a blank envelope and hand it to the CM you would like to tip. They are allowed to accept this as a gift because they don't actually know what is inside of the envelope. It is silly but Disney has weird rules when it comes to this stuff.
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