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We have had club level twice in four years. Once with a Savannah view, once as DVC April of this year.

First and most used, is the access to 6th floor lounge there at Jambo. You can get free refreshments, snacky food, snacky breakfast things, and at certain hours, beer, wine etc. The food shouldn't be considered a replacement for a meal, but i guess it could if you eat enough of it.

Its a great experience...its a nice place to relax in the morning before going out to parks, and a great place to unwind after.

The room with a view is awesome too, as it will face Arusha...where most of the animals at Jambo hang out.

There's a few other little perks like planning help, but the lounge is the biggest perk. In my opinion.


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We stayed Kilimanjaro Club at AKL for 8 nights back in 2007 in a savanna view room. I thought the club lounge was the best I have seen between Contemporary, Poly, and Yacht Club (which was the worst). Lots of room, great food, and a nice very view of the interior of the resort hotel. It was nice up there. Room also had nice view of the Savanna.

Unfortunately for us, however, we did not get the proper Club level treatment because they were starting DVC there at the time and upon check-in demoted us to a lower floor in favor of DVC. Never got robes in our room or any Club level extras; and when we complained all we got was broken promises. Hopefully you are treated better.


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We, being DVC, got the 6th floor rooms right off of the lounge (which i always kinda wanted)....and actually, they were meh.
We were so high up, from the balcony you could see over Kidani and at night, see the Kohl's lit up sign, and the Target logo. So we lost that immersion a bit.

The robes, yeah we got them....again, meh. Until its ok to wear them down to the lounge...its not needed, again in my opinion.

We preferred the 2014 trip where we got club level and had a 4th floor room. Better views, and again, total immersion.


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Wife and I stayed there in 2013. The lounge is really good and can be used as snacks or light meals. The view is great:


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We stayed there as well and really enjoyed it. The food was definitely for a more refined palate and not for me personally. My wife however absolutely loved it. Thus far we have stayed at Poly, AKL, Contemporary and Beach Club club level. All were nice, however if I had to choose, I would go with Poly every time.

We just got back from Poly last week, theme park view in the Hawaii building. Amazing


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We stayed 10nights in May, our Savannah View Club Room was on Level 4 on the Kudu Trail and was literally as far away from the main building as you could get. However the room itself was really nice and could see various animals outside everytime we looked out which was a bonus.
We found the Club lounge to be too busy, with people using it to stay in all day whilst waiting to check out. The food selection was ok, but we mainly used it for drinks and somewhere to chill before going back to our room. The staff in the lounge were very helpful and pleasant

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We have a savannah view with club level...what should we expect in regards to room and club level?

The club level was a nice extra at most of the other resorts, but as far as I know they are only offered on 4th floor or higher and this limits viewing of some of the animals unless they come right out of the treeline and closer to the room (which does happen, especially in the beginning and end of the day). There were many moments spent trying to block the sun and squint between the treetops just to view a giraffes legs. I've already decided that when I go back that I will just pay for a regular savannah room, and request a 2nd floor room. The second floor is actually one BELOW the lobby, but gives you a perfect sight-line of the giraffes and you won't be as restricted by the treetops that restrict some of the view from the higher rooms....


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We stayed AKL club level in 2015. We really enjoyed it! We ate breakfast every morning in the lounge, got some afternoon snacks/appetizers, had a few drinks, and always stopped by at night for dessert. I think it actually saved us a ton of money in food.

The room was great. we got a little welcome letter with chocolate and our view was amazing. I cannot remember for the life of me if they did turn down service or not. ALSO, our toiletries were larger in the bathroom than the average room bathroom.

You will love it, enjoy!

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