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Cleanliness Reassurance during COVID-19?

Kaitlin Murphy

New Member
I have a few trips planned for weekends in October and December. The closer I get to my trip the more I’m starting to worry if going right now is truly safe? I know they haven’t had many issues reported, but I’m wondering if it’s reckless to go at all during a time like this, or if those of you who have went or can give some insight on how reckless it really seems to go might have some advice. I’m coming from NJ, if that makes a difference.


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Here's my two cents. I've traveled a couple times during the pandemic, ,once to Indianapolis for my daughters AAU Basketball tournament, (over 5000 kids in and out of the convention center all week), and once to Idaho for basketball also. Both times I went to our local hospital when I got back and got tested, just to be safe (we have free testing Monday - Thursday, noon to 4pm). We wore masks in public places, ate in restaurants numerous times, and obviously flew 4 times, and we haven't had one issue. That said, if you are concerned about getting it because you maybe have underlying health issues then I'd say don't travel, but if you're like me and assume the worse that will happen is I get a fever for a couple of days like the handful of people I know that have had covid experienced, then live your life and help keep the economy going. And before people bash me for saying I'm not worried about getting covid and tell me I could give it to other people, like I said, wear a mask and get tested when you get home before you go back to work or visit friends/family etc. If the testing isn't as readily available where you live then either quarantine yourself for a few days when you get home or if that's not an option then just don't travel.
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We just came back from 10 days at Disney. 3 at FW campground and 7 at the Contemporary. First FW. When our neighbor left their site, within 30 minutes there was a crew there cleaning and sanitizing everything. At the Contemporary, what we saw was very encouraging. Every time we used the escalator, there was a CM wiping down the moving handrails. There was another CM constantly cleaning tables at the Contempo Cafe. At the parks there was regular cleaning at Pirates, the HM, Jungle Cruise, etc. I’m not sure where you stayed, but the cleanliness at Disney is topnotch. Funny you didn’t mention what resort you’re staying at. Just saying. Most, and I emphasize most, guests were social distancing and wearing masks.
We were at Grand Floridian.

I'm totally comfortable with my experience. It won't stop us going back next month.
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