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Trip Report Clark & Ellen are headed on vacation! Alone!!! (Semi-Live) **Complete**


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So, with many bumps in the road, along the way- and our 3rd ever trip anywhere alone, in many, many years- guess what??) Disney, the Beach? We are there!
This will be the longest trip, we have ever done alone since having kids.

Let’s just say- we need this!

I have 3 1/2 hours before I wake B up, and oh my gosh! Worse than waiting on Christmas!

A quick pic, of us, in September, last year, on a solo trip. 3 year olds. Basically.

I hate to ride in a car, B loves driving down- Thus the reason he is asleep and I am awake. He sleeps during the day and I stay awake. His hope is I will pass out and shut up and not complain.

With that said, if Life is a Highway - I wanna sleep all night long!

We also totally relate to the Griswolds, and you can bet that this will be played, full blast, as always as we depart!

Can you imagine if they made a Vacation movie with just Clark & Ellen? Lol

Hoping for a sunrise arrival again. This will be our shortest Disney trip ever at 4 days, but hey, still a Disney trip right? Looking very forward to laying on the beach for a Long time too. Day one Ft. Wilderness Cabins, then 3 days at Coronado-


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Have a fantastic trip!


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Thanks! Not gonna lie, I don’t think sleep is going to a problem. I can barely keep my eyes open. Late planning will do that to ya I guess. Lol


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Safe travels and enjoy yourselves!!!
I can not wait for the semi live part. I love me a live TR!
May I ask which beach you are heading to???
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