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Citizens of Hollywood? Who? Where? When?


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I know that the CoH are expected to appear on the half hour opposite of Disney Channel Rocks, so I have a decent idea of when to see them. But does anyone have any tips on how and where to catch a specific citizen or show?

For example, what if I wanted to be sure to catch the "Funniest Citizen in Hollywood" bit...would that be most likely to be seen on Sunset Blvd? At any specific time slot? Or if I wanted to be sure to catch Jack Diamond doing some street magic...am I likely to see that on Hollywood Blvd? Any days better than others? Is there any sort of pattern to their schedule or is it just random? Do certain citizens have well-known days off? For that matter, what is the current CoH line-up (I know that several have left and Evie is out for the rest of the year)?

Just asking, because when we go in December, I want to try to catch as many CoH shows as I can, but don't want to be waiting around on Sunset Blvd while the CoH show is taking place on Hollywood Blvd. If anyone here has some tips to help plan a CoH sighting, it'd be greatly appreciated.


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i love the citizens of hollywood. i would check the times guide for their show times. also they appear everywhere so keep an eye out. i remember seeing some inside 50s. they were hilarious in there. also they do a talent show thats funny too and a lot of their acts can have funny connotations for adults to figure out ;)
@maryszhi: Actually, they no longer print specific CoH times in the Times Guide (it just says something like "throughout the day". They appear inside 50's & the Tune-In Lounge and Brown Derby (and sometimes inside Tower of Terror) only when it's raining outside.

As far as specific skits and locations, it's hit or miss. But... it pays to hang out near the Tip Board -- that gives you a good vantage point to see down both Hollywood Boulevard & Sunset to see which characters are headed where.

During the summer months, 99 (Funniest Citizen of Hollywood) and/or the Cattle Call are usually held out near the Hat (in that shady spot near Min & Bills).

As far as a current list of who's who, well, that's more difficult. Check out these links:





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Thanks for the info. I've missed seeing them the past few times I've been there because I simply had no idea they even existed. As I'm preparing for our December trip, I've learned a lot about them and have greatly enjoyed watching videos that people have posted on YouTube (my current favorites are Bucky Greenhorn (who is no longer there), Paige Turner, Jack Diamond, and Evie Starlight (who likely won't be there when we visit)).

The best I can tell from watching the videos, is that they almost always setup the group routines on Sunset Blvd near Legends of Hollywood and Villains in Vogue. But I've also seen some stuff around Tailors to the Stars and some of my favorite Jack Diamond videos were clearly on the north side of Echo Lake just outside of Keystone Clothiers. At any rate, the tip to be near the Tip Board is a good one given the vantage point...I'll keep that in mind.

The one thing that's still unclear to me is who the current lineup is. I know that there has been some turnover, but I wonder who is still around and what new citizens may have appeared. From recent videos and photos I see:
  • Mimi Kaboom (the new one)
  • Betty Shambles
  • Officer Peabody
  • Bo Wrangler
  • Jack Diamond
  • Paige Turner
  • Cloe Canard
  • Stone Granite
  • Holden Hollywood
  • Ben Appetite
  • Daley Reels
  • Dorma Nesmond
And it's my understanding that Evie Starlight will be out for the remainder of the year as she is in a new production called "Hot Bun in the Oven". (And, yes, I get the joke there.)


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Continuing this discussion with myself :)...

It'd be awesome if the page at http://www.studioscentral.com/citizens-of-hollywood were updated to include new faces and maybe even note those citizens who are known to be gone or haven't been seen lately. Would be even more awesome if there were a way to crowd-source this and have people report which citizens they've seen on a given day/time/location to help keep the info up to date.


Super structures are my specialty!
Evie Starlight is my favorite. She is absolutely hilarious! During Star Wars Weekends she tried to set my daughter (8 years old) up with a young man in a Stormtrooper costume. She was telling my daughter how she loves a man in uniform and one that has a job. My duaghter should take some time talking to this fellow before he gets away and that he had a bona fide career, he was a trained professional, etc.. She interacted with my son as well.


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Evie is definitely my daughters' favorite. I'm becoming a huge fan of Jack Diamond. And Officer Peabody has a sort of Tim Conway style to him that's fun to watch. I was also a big fan of Bucky Greenhorn...sad to see that Bucky has left DHS...even if his "friend" Six Bits Slocum is still at the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review.
Yup -- Evie won't be back until at least January 2013... :) She is pretty amazing, tho...

But yes, your list is 'current' Citizens is pretty much spot-on.

I can't think of any other advice -- and we've been "stalking" for many years now.

OH!! Don't forget the Hollywood Public Works!! They are "Citizens" as well, and are just as funny.

They tend to appear later in the day, however, so keep an eye out.

Frederick Lewenoski (sp?)
Fillmore Buckets

are the current bunch.


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Following up again on my own thread (because I just can't let it go :) ), I've been keeping a list of the citizens who have been seen somewhat recently on the streets of DHS. Since I won't be at DHS until early December, I have no direct evidence and so this list is based almost entirely on the weekly photo update at studioscentral.com (with a few other random sightings mixed in). This list includes any citizen spotted since about the time that the new Mimi Kaboom/Betty Shambles switcheroo took place:

  • Betty Shambles (Last seen: 10/7/2012)
  • Chef Ben Appetite (last seen: 10/7/2012)
  • Mimi Kaboom (the new one) (Last seen: 10/7/2012)
  • Dorma Nesmond (last seen: 10/7/2012)
  • Daley Reels (Last seen: 10/7/2012)
  • Stone Granite (Last seen: 10/7/2012)
  • Dara Vamp (last seen: 10/7/2012)
  • Shelby Mayer (last seen: 9/30/2012, possibly Oct 3)
  • Beau Wrangler (last seen: 9/30/2012, possibly Oct 3)
  • Jack Diamond (last seen: 9/30/2012, possibly Oct 3)
  • Veronica Vanisht (Last seen: 9/30/2012, possibly Oct 3)
  • Paige Turner (Possibly Oct 3)
  • Holden Hollywood (last seen: 9/23/2012)
  • Officer Percivel Peabody (last seen: 9/2/2012)
  • Cloe Canard (last seen: 8/25/2012)
  • Alberto Dante (seen in YouTube videos since the Kaboom/Shambles switch)
  • Ginny Vermouth (seen in YouTube videos since the Kaboom/Shambles switch)
  • Evie Starlight (out until 2013)
Based on several weeks of sightings, I believe this to be a fairly accurate representation of the current lineup.
The ones that surprised me a bit are Alberto Dante, Cloe Canard and Veronica Vanisht. It was my understanding that they had left Hollywood, but then they show up somewhat recently. I wonder if they're calling in some of the old faces temporarily to fill in for Evie while she's away?
Anybody else have any evidence of the citizens appearing recently?
Many of the actors have been on extended vacations recently and several others have been working on various other projects in & around Orlando, so yeah, I think many characters, like Veronica, are making more appearances than normal.

That said, don't forget about the Hollywood Public Works guys...

Frederick Lewenowsky (sp?)
Filmore Buckets

Definitely haven't seen Otto around lately, but I know he's still there. And same for Victoria Throckmorton -- she's not there very often...


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Many of the actors have been on extended vacations recently and several others have been working on various other projects in & around Orlando, so yeah, I think many characters, like Veronica, are making more appearances than normal.

That said, don't forget about the Hollywood Public Works guys...

Frederick Lewenowsky (sp?)
Filmore Buckets

Definitely haven't seen Otto around lately, but I know he's still there. And same for Victoria Throckmorton -- she's not there very often...
Yes, I'm definitely interested in knowing more about the HPW guys...unfortunately, there's a lot less info about them for me to go on.

For both CoH and HPW, it sure would be nice to crowd-source this...maybe some common stream where anyone who sees them can at least post a list of who've they seen and when...or even photos along the lines of what's being posted weekly at studioscentral.com (but focused on CoH and HPW).


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Wow...really? I was certain that she was long gone forever. Are we certain that this video is current and not something someone recently posted from a vacation taken several years ago?

And...who was the director? The video only shows him for a moment and I didn't recognize him (although for a brief moment I thought it might've been Alberto Dante...but I'm not sure).

I was just thinking that if they are, in fact, bringing back in citizens who were thought long gone, then can I make a request to bring Bucky Greenhorn back around the first week of December?


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Part 2 at
has me more convinced it was Alberto Dante.

And...is that really Victoria Throckmorton? Wow! My goodness! Golly! Gee!
Yup, that was definitely Alberto Dante (who still shows up from time to time). I'm fairly certain it comes down to scheduling -- seems like they want/need at least 7 Citizens (5 are needed for Matchmaker, at least 6 for 99).

I'd definitely LOVE to have Bucky back, but he's busy over at Hoop De Doo full-time. Well, not quite full-time:



The actor that plays Alberto also works with the "Modern Day" crew (we've actually seen him play both of his characters on the same day, within 30 minutes, lol).

The actor that plays Holden also works with American Idol (I think).

The actor that plays Stone has also been seen being the Jedi at the Training Academy over at Star Tours.

So... many of our favorite Citizens are around doing other things, and can 'quickly' move around from one job to the next.


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Yeah, I knew about Bucky's new gig, but was hoping he could randomly appear during our trip. I don't think he's terribly funny, but his stuff is greatly entertaining. One of my favorites.

About the "Modern Day" crew...is there more info on them? I've heard about them, but I'm a bit unclear on names/roles, timing of the shows, etc. Might want to check that out while I'm there. (Who says DHS isn't a fully day park? I could spent a full day just watching streetmosphere.)

FWIW, I flexed a few of my software developer muscles while on a flight yesterday and have a very decent start to what might be a good way to crowd-source track the CoH and HPW (and maybe modern day crew) appearances. Once I have something more significant to share, I'll post it in this thread (among other places).
Can't wait to see what you've come up with! :)

But yeah, my wife & I could spend our entire weekend trips at the Studios...

As far as the Modern Day crew, we've seen them:

- Pre-opening, outside the gates hijinks (getting 'video' of people saying various lines as they make their way to the turnstiles)

- Pre-parade "flash mob"

- Streets of America (maybe later in the day? Not sure).

Many of the Citizens have gigs with the Modern Day crew, so it's always interesting to see them. BUT, that said, we've never been overly impressed with any of their skits.

In fact, that reminds me -- many, many years ago my wife & I were back on the Streets of America, during the day, around Christmastime (the lights were strung, but not lit). Around the corner comes one of the Hollywood Public Works guys & Percival Peabody, riding in one of the cars! They ran me over slow-mo style, it was hilarious. And, as they drove off, were "reading" the story of Jennings Osborne & the lights. Awesome.

I would absolutely love to see other Citizens characters inhabiting that area as well (which they used to do, as far as I can tell).

Take a look at the photos on this COH MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/mgmcoh/photos Some good stuff in there!
Oh, and good photos on this HPW Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/truckboys/photos
Breaking news: Frederick Lewenoski of the Hollywood Public Works department, has left.

The actor has accepted a new gig over at the New Fantasyland (apparently, Disney will be doing some 'Streetmosphere'-type entertainment over there.

A new actor/character has been added to the HPW group (not sure who it is tho).


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For what it's worth, we just returned from our trip and on Tuesday caught a couple of CoH and HPW shows...

- My daughters were both chosen to play the bucket game with HPW (Lenny, Sparky, and Buddy). My oldest was on Buddy's team and my youngest on Sparky's team.
- Vladimir Pooey and Ben Appetite came out shortly after that and shot a few scenes with Ben performing some juggling acts. Again, my daughters were both chosen to participate (my oldest held the scene-clapper and my youngest was recruited to help pick up some buckets that Ben had dropped).
- Awhile later, the CoH Holiday Glee Club came out. This included Alberto Dante leading the glee club which was made up of Officer William Club, Dara Vamp, Shelby Mayer, Stone Granite, Betty Shambles, Ben Appetite, and Paige Turner.

I have it all captured on video...will post a link to it as soon as I get it imported from my camera and placed on YouTube.