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Chuck E. Cheese's showtape filming at Walt Disney World (1994-1996)


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Back in mid 1990s when CEC and Disney was team up during 1994-1996, they filmed the scenes for showtapes at Walt Disney World from 1994-1996. When Showbiz Pizza Time Inc were asked Disney to producing showtapes by 1994-1996 at Disney-MGM Studios. I'm Chuck E. Cheese's fan too. As you guys are Chuck E. Cheese's fans too. I was looking on ShowbizPizza.com about information on CEC and Disney's partnership during mid 1990s.

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Thanks for posting my old video clip.


Yes, CEC used to contract the video production work used on their in-Store video monitors to Disney back at that time in the mid-1990s.
Many video segments were shot in and around the Parks.
I can think of a few shoots taking place at Epcot in World Showcase and some set work over at MGM Studios.
Editing and post production work was handled by a team based at MGM Studios at the time if I'm remembering correctly.

At the time, it was an attempt by CEC to upgrade the quality of their video production material.
Video content was needed to play on in-store monitors that would accompany the Animatronic show.
The video monitors were a recent addition to the restaurants that arrived in the late 1980s, and up to that point the quality was a lot of still frame 'animation', early 'green screen' work, and moving / animated text.
The video production quality needed a boost, and that's when Disney's services in Orlando were tapped.
They gave the video content a more polished look, but retained some prior elements.

It was a short lived partnership....as you can see in my video clip above, the nation just wasn't big enough for two giant rodents in entertainment to work together!
By the late 90s , CEC had it's own in -house video production / editing / post studio and no longer needed to contract the work out.


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