Christmas Special Taping Nov. 7-10 2019


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I use to watch Disney's Christmas Parade, RELIGIOUSLY every year. Then they stopped filming the parade and only doing music acts on floats along MSUSA and around the park. I stopped watching because its just one big infomercial for Disney.
I remember when it was live and an actual parade! It was the best thing to be in Disney on Christmas Day and watch a LIVE televised Parade and hope your family might see you on TV. Disneyland get more love than WDW!


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I actually watch some of this at grandma's house, because she still owns a TV that gets the old people channels like ABC. It's fun to see commercials pop-up every 5 minutes and reminisce about the Great Depression.

By the way it's called "Life Day" for the Wookies. Outside of the Christmas Special, there was a popular multiplayer game called Star Wars Galaxies that would celebrate it in-game every year. The game has been overshadowed by WoW, so the whole Life Day thing never really gained much traction beyond its internet meme.

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