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Christmas disappointment ....


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we all know that Disney can " do anything." and so three years ago when I was there for Christmas, I was shocked and disappointed not to find and " LIVE or REAL Christmas trees.. ' it was all fake and plastic and not very Disney.. if they can have a real tree in Rockerfeller square in New York, they can have live trees in Disney world. for one ..because they can KEEP THEM IN DIRT and keep them alive the whole time in the park.. Yes.. Disney is capable of doing this.. it was too fake and Christmas was more of a theory and snowflakes and hot chocolate and winter thyme as opposed to the true meaning of Christmas.. Yes the Candlelight processional was on point.. but that was it for all the parks.. and if you didn't see that .. it was plastic and fluff.. JOMHO.. I assume that the ripping will start within seconds.. Merry Christmas..

Gitson Shiggles

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we all know that Disney can " do anything."
No, they can’t, but sometimes they also won’t, for good reason.
I was shocked and disappointed not to find and " LIVE or REAL Christmas trees.. ' it was all fake and plastic and not very Disney..
Which trees would you prefer to be real? Real trees are more expensive and labor intensive.
true meaning of Christmas
I missed that part in the Biblical narrative where Mary and Joseph started the Germanic tradition of decorating a Christmas Tree.


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The traditional trees you speak of will not survive down here in the Florida heat if you "plant " them. And artificial trees are eco friendly because we reuse them year after year. Sorry if that ruined the magic. But it's not a case of " won't" it's a case of "can't". Trees that get shipped down here will die.


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The snow is also fake. So is the ice on the castle. The grass in the hub isn't real either. Those also aren't real animals on the Jungle Cruise.



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He may be complaining about a minute detail, but that's pretty much par for the course here. Why does that equate with trolling? If you agreed with this opinion, you'd probably view his intentions differently.
It's more in how it's phrased than anything. It's not, "I was very disappointed that there weren't real trees in WDW. Does anyone know why this is? Who else wants to see real trees?" That would have been a discussion. It's more a complaining rant just to get people to disagree rather than discuss. That's basically the definition of a troll.

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