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China's Richest Man Wants to Crush Disney


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So he "boasted that Disney’s theme park expansion in China would ultimately fail and that Shanghai Disney Resort would not be able to compete with Dalian Wanda’s growing roster of theme parks in the country."

Could this mean that Disney may go to war...in a theme park sense?


Grade "A" Funny...

2021 scheduled opening for his China project and no date for a location in France?

Plenty of time to counter, should they actually go through with their plans.


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China man? Really? Couldn't think of any other way to word the title?

People need to relax with the "china man" nonsense. Good grief, I doubt the billionaire china man is loosing any sleep over it, so why are people so butt hurt? Take that energy and actually help someone who needs it, dont be a keyboard SJW on a Disney fan forum.

The title of the article as I saw it was "China's richest man has a $9 billion plan to crush Disney".

For crying out loud. If I goofed and offended here by simply saying "China Man" in the title then I think I need to just give up on trying.


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How is this any different than saying "Florida Man does this" or "California Man does this"? I think some people are looking way too far into the title.

Thank you! I am still reeling from anyone here thinking my intent with starting this thread was to be racist. All I wanted to do was report an Disney related article on a Disney forum.

As a fairly new member, I think it may be an honest observation to say that the book on how to be 100% correct and non-offensive to anyone when posting here may take a lifetime to read...much less follow.

Donald Razorduck

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Back in the old days when reporting a news item, it would start out by stating the location of the news. In this case "China".
The main headline would be "Man wants to crush Disney! So to me it was two fold. The first part identified where it was taking place and the second that a man was attempting to crush something with his measly little 9 Billion. Hell, Disney loses that much just falling out of their pockets into random couch cushions on any given day.

rael ramone

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I believe on Seeking Alpha recently there was an article about him wanting to buy one of the 'Big 6' media companies that operate in the U.S. - one of which is $DIS.

If he want's to buy $DIS, he'd prefer it to be on sale...


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Disney will always be ahead with Americans because we all have a history. There is probably not a single person in the US who doesn't love at least one Disney movie/character.
As far as China goes, Disney is already entrenched, building a fan base from infant to elder. I really doubt Disney will go down.
This Chinese billionaire may spend more money and have more advanced attractions, but you cannot ever take nostalgia out of the equation. And Disney is smart, they keep releasing new movies with new characters to love, and they also buy up other franchises beloved by millions worldwide. (ie: Star Wars)


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Wanda parks are generally several notches below six flags, they have mostly copied themes from others (actually stolen IP would be a better term) and are built on the cheap. He is very upset that the tourism bureaus of the various 'cultural centers' are teaming up with US companies (Shanghai went with Disney and Beijing went with Universal) when building their mega-entertainment complexes. Since Universal already owns the IP to Jurassic World and they are building a park in Beijing it seems unlikely they would license the IP to a competitor, but who knows.


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The guy just keeps running his mouth, doesn't he?

If you want to beat Disney, build something on their level. Problem is, he's still convinced that what he's doing will be more successful.

Wang, you're doing a great service for on of your country's biggest reputations/stereotypes... trying to beat quality with a boatload of crap.

That's sad to see.

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