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Chicken Waffle Sandwich?

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I can't speak for the OP, but if it were me I would have let the manager know anyway, even if it meant that I was in the minority. If enough people speak up, then the menu has a chance of being changed. Disney is not infallible - it's totally possible for them to make a move like this and then later see that they probably shouldn't have.


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The Chicken Waffle sandwich is back!


It's about half the size, and 50% more expensive.

That is awesome! Although it being a smaller size and more money is bittersweet news. I am very happy to hear this! Thanks for keeping tabs!


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I googled a recipe for the Chicken Waffle Sandwich. Tonight my wife made it for dinner while I was at work (that will be dealt with I assure you lol) but she graciously made one for me for tomorrow's lunch. She said it was incredible and it tasted just like....Well you know. (Don't want to step on any patents)....
I'll let you know!!


I feel the same way about Pecos Bill. Ever since they have changed the menu and gone away from the burgers and fixings bar I have not been back or nor do I plan too. That was a must do lunc for my son and I every time we visited MK. Not any longer.

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