Chefs de France to reopen with reservations now available

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Very cool but not seeing it yet as an option for November


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We switched from Teppan Edo since Chefs de France is one of our daughter's favorites. We are going in late October and were able to change.


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Their food is horrendous.

I hope with time off, their kitchen improves, but I am doubtful.
To be fair it was a nice option when my kids were little and Remy made the rounds. I wouldn't have called it gourmet but it wasn't bad as in Hollywood and Vile bad also the bread wasn't bad at all for Florida. Back then I would have called the food meh but we never had bad service the last trip was less than meh so we haven't been back in quite a while


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Is it going to be managed by Disney now and no longer a third party location? It seems that way from the new menu. With Morroco's company out as such, its starting to sound like a lot of these locations will be ran by Disney only if they run at all. But I guess we dont really know.
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