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Chef Remy's last day October 24


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NO!!!!!! I loved Remy. He is so darn cute and it's a wonderful little bit of magic during your lunch. I will miss him. I had the pleasure of seeing him twice. I had hoped to see him again soon, but I don't guess that's going to happen now. Bye Bye Remy. :(


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I guess it's time to reveal the secret that it wasn't an actual rat and the controls to move him are on the lid of the serving tray. Also, Santa Claus isn't real.


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Sad to see something cute and sweet like this go and that we never got to see it. We had a friend that was Remy's assistant would have loved to see her. Ashame that TDO won't fork out the cash for an Equity actor, and yes I'm going to assume it's TDO being cheap. Of course I would love to be told otherwise though.


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I don't really uncderstand...doesn't the typical actor only make a few dollars more an hour? I think it's the stunt show & gymnasts that get the huge premium
Actors are actors. They are part of the SAG union and get union wages. Each actor is on a contract by contract basis and re-ups their contract for specific roles.


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Remy was really well done, enjoyed seeing it.

Honestly, I wasn't sure it was the right place for something like that - I always imagined Chefs to be a little more of an "adult" experience (even though nothing really is anymore).

But, it worked nicely.
The "adult" French restaurant is Monsieur Paul's (formerly Bistro de Paris.)


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......at least I can say the I had "dinner with the rat" at least 3 times.

......perhaps a result of the decline in the quality of food there? ....4 yrs ago ... a meal "to die for"!! ...but ....last year ...well .....to quote Rodney Dangerfield, "...tell the cook this is low grade dog food. I've had better food at the ballgame, you know? This steak still has marks from where the jockey was hitting it"


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That's sad. :(

I saw Remy before I read about him and it was such a treat! :)

So disappointing when they cut good stuff. :(


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It's amusing how contradictory people can be on these boards. Apparently there's too many characters in EPCOT (in WS particularly) and too many "character experiences" during meals in general. Yet people are sad about this?


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Glad we got to see him for our first (and now only) time when we were there in January. My daughter really liked him.


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