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Next weekend I will be heading to WDW with my sister and niece to check out a few of the wedding venue sites. Even though she has been going to WDW since she was 2 my niece would like to have some ideas the sites before they meet with a wedding planner. We are staying at BC so the sites around the resort and Epcot are easy to see but trying to figure out the best way to see the wedding pavilion at Grand Floridian and Clementine’s Lawn at Fort Wilderness, think it’s near Hoop-Dee-Doo building. The plan is to start in the morning and Uber to one of the sites and use Disney transportation to the other site and then back to Epcot.

If Uber to FW will we dropped off at the front and need to take the internal bus to the back? Once at FW can we take a boat to MK and another boat or monorail to GF? Or boat to Contemporary and monorail to GF. Is there a bus to Epcot from GF or do we need to monorail to TTC and switch over to the other monorail to Epcot.

If Uber to GF I know we will be dropped off close to the door. From there we can boat to MK and boat to FW or monorail to Contemporary and boat to FW. Then I guess we need to bus to the front of the resort to wait for an Epcot bus.

Looking for a little help because not familiar with the transportation at GF or FW.


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There are dedicated buses to each park from each resort that run constantly. If you're going the monorail route to/from Epcot from the GF, you would get off at the TTC and transfer to the Epcot line. From Epcot, get off at the TTC and get on the MK resorts line.


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We thought about BW for our wedding but ended up going with the Swan for flexibility. They have a few locations but we were married on the beach. It was perfect! We had 20 people and had a cake cutting there on the beach. Mickey came in his tux and that night, our “reception” was a private Illuminations dessert party. Everything was flawless.
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