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Character meet and greet shuffle at Disney's Animal Kingdom Fall 2017


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It will be nice to have Timon back. Wonder if Tarzan will ever make a return?
Wonder if it's a 'we need him for Halloween parties and schedules don't jive well for that.' The dates would line up for that as like everyday in October is a party.

Or end of the fiscal year and easier to have a costume character than a face character.


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In the orginal book it states Tarzan does in fact shaved, he orginally thought he was turning into a gorilla, i dont know about the hair though.
In the original book Cinderella's stepsisters got their feet hacked off and eyes pecked out by birds. There's a million other differences Disney has made to most of their original stories. The characters we get in the parks are the Disney versions and not the literature characters.
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