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Chapstick!, tips and Magical Express question


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Who would forget their chap-stick, lip balm, etc? ME! Last year, we went to WDW Feb 28-Mar 5 and I failed to transfer my chap stick from my purse to my ***** pack. It was very windy and was cool in the shade during the day and down-right cold at night. My then 4 yod began licking her lips for whatever reason a child does that and needed chap stick. I was forced to buy a $3 tube of Banana Boat in MGM to help her little lips!

Also, I carry one of those camp quick-dry towels in our backpack - great to wipe off wet seats and dry off with after a rain.

My ***** pack is large and quite nerdy. But it is large enough to hold my digital camera, DD's autograph book, cell phone, and has pockets for id, cash, credit cards, park tickets, etc.

DH wears a backpack with our gore-tex raincoats, extra dvd's for video camera and a spare set of batteries for both cameras.

Autograph book is from Wal-mart and is a spiral bound Cinderella diary-like book. very cheap!

Small ziplock bags keep alike things together and handy.

Rent a locker and return the key for a small refund.

Rent a stroller and return it to rental counter for a small refund.

Those were the most useful things I recall from last year.

Looking forward to our trip in 12 days!!! DD began packing her suitcase last night w/all her "necessities"... toys.

This year, we're doing a resort package. DH is flying down 2 days ahead of us for business. Looking forward to flying alone w/DD and allowing Magical Express to claim bags and lug them to the room!!! Anyone have suggestions about Magical Express?


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thanks for the tips

i'm going in 12 more days too !!! where r u staying? we are at bwv. hope you have a great time!!! have fun!!:wave: :wave:

i live in alabama too!! what a coincidence


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We arrive on Fri, 03-03-06 and leave on Wed 03-08-06 (traveling on the 3rd and 8th). We're staying at Pop Century.

It's no coincidence - It's a small world! after all! ;-) hehe