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Chances of waitlist at Hilton Head


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Hello everyone!

I have been on waitlist for a few months for a studio Hilton Head for the 1st weekend in October (Saturday - Monday). I am attending a wedding and would rather not pay for a hotel if possible.

Does anyone have an idea of the chances it will go thru? I have never stayed at Hilton Head before.



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HHI is very difficult to get into until after the summer season (end of October). With that said, there is always a chance, but I would definitely have a back up plan ready to go. We book our trips there for the last weekend of October when we go and some times we've been waitlisted with no success so we've paid cash with a regular reservation.


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There are TONS of timeshares on HHI.

If you are just trying to avoid paying for a hotel for the weekend, you can look into transferring some points into Interval and using that to book an other timeshare.

We did that with RCI two years ago. No room at DVC, and we had a bunch of points expiring (thanks COVID) so we moved them into RCI and got a RCI timeshare (that you could walk to the beach from)

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