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Celebrate Labor Day at Disney Springs with 'A Gatsby Evening at The Edison'


New Member
Am i reading this wrong? The event is on Sunday the second. Monday is Labor Day (day off for many people). So sleep in Monday, go to school/work on tuesday.

and as for people who go out on school nights: people with no children. My cat doesn't mind if i go out on any given night. Long as he gets plenty of treats before and after.


Well-Known Member
Well? Read all of this... "be prepared to be entertained. From flair-tenders serving swanky spirits, flying aerial champagne performers, burlesque dancers, cigar rollers, a live band, stilt-walkers and more"....

But what about the FOOD? Just us - seems to be "same old, same old" :(. Just us - not touching it.

All personal opinion - I'm not necessarily right, no one else is necessarily wrong.

slappy magoo

Well-Known Member
Is The Edison the "Fetch" of Disney Springs? The thing that's not going to happen so they should stop trying to make it happen?

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