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CBR vs Coronado


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We’re in the process of re-booking our late April trip, and looking for Halloween weekend. We’re down to a standard room at Coronado or a 5th sleeper at CBR (only room type currently available).

Two adults, 5 year old daughter and 1 year old son, who will need a pack and play. Will a pack and play fit in the 5th sleeper? I wish we could get bed rails for the drop down bed, but from what I’ve read, they don’t fit.

We’re leaning to Coronado at the moment, but with it being a convention hotel, would ornate be good for young kids?

We stayed at CBR last December, and overall liked it. It felt a bit big, and I missed going to the lobby everyday, but this is going to be a shorter trip (MK and Epcot only), so that’s not that big of a deal this time around. And I know both resorts are setup like this so this won’t affect our decision much.

Thanks for any input!


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Our family loves Coronado. During our stays, I never thought about it being a "Convention Hotel". I did see a few people with their Khaki's and Polo's on, but it's not like I had to go and be in their conferences. It didn't bother me a bit. When they were younger, they loved the Dig Site pool and pool area. As they got older, they loved the "Quiet Pool" outside of our room.


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We stayed at Coronado on our most recent trip, and CBR the time before that. I really loved both, and I have a hard time choosing between the two. My kids, however, would choose CBR. Don't get me wrong--they still really liked Coronado! It's the kiddie pool area at CBR that they missed. It's truly spectacular, and something we missed at Coronado.


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Nicer playground area at CSR, nicer pool play area for kiddies at CBR. Better food court at CSR. Easier to navigate due to newly added bridges at CSR. Nice beach campfires at CBR.


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We’re leaning to Coronado at the moment, but with it being a convention hotel, would ornate be good for young kids?
Haven't stayed in the Tower yet, but the regular rooms are not what I would call ornate. The theming is subtle, but then so is the theming at most renovated Disney resort hotels these days.


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If you choose Coronado, call reservations and ask them to make a notation on your reservation if you need a bathtub because you have small children. Since the remodel, not every room has a tub, some have a walk in shower.

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