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Catchiest Song in a Disney Animated Film

Catchiest Song in a Disney Animated Film

  • Aladdin - "Prince Ali"

    Votes: 2 6.3%
  • Lion King - "Hakuna Matata"

    Votes: 9 28.1%
  • Snow White - "Hi Ho - Hi Ho"

    Votes: 2 6.3%
  • Beauty & The Beast - "Be Our Guest"

    Votes: 8 25.0%
  • Peter Pan - "You Can Fly"

    Votes: 3 9.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 8 25.0%

  • Total voters


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Original Poster
(I'm not necessarily asking for your favorite song) What do you feel is the catchiest song you've heard in a Disney film?


New Member
Jungle Book

For me, it's

Be Like You from the Jungle Book.

I am a semi-fan of swing music, and that is a great song - I think Big Bad Voodoo Daddy even rehashes it on one of their records.


after i saw tarzan rocks i couldnt get those songs out of my head, though i prefer the songs from the show and not the movie, better version


New Member
I think "Now is the Time" is catchiest song.

<b><h3>THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE</h3></b>

Lyrics and music by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman

Now is the time
Now is the best time
Now is the best time of your life

Life is a prize
Live every minute
Open your eyes
And watch how you win it

Yesterday's memories may sparkle and gleam
Tomorrow is still but a dream
Right here and now
You've got it made
The world's forward marching and you're in the parade

Now is the time
Now is the best time
Be it a time of joy or strife

There's so much to cheer for,
be glad you're here
For it's the best time of your life


New Member
Call me crazy
The Court of Miracles song sung by Clopin in Hunchback the original, I refuse to acknowledge the new one:hammer:


New Member
Favorite Song

I don't know about you guys, but I love it when Zip a Dee Do Dah comes on at the end of Splash Mountain. I end up singing that all day.

Another one is "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow" at Carousel of Progress. That is another I sing all day!


Active Member
A Whole New World

Maybe because of Disney on TV, I'm often hearing A Whole New World stuck on replay in my head as I'm driving past those entrance signs on 536. That's not a good place to be distracted... traffic gets a bit intense there, coming in towards Epcot.


New Member
THANKS A LOT!!!! Now I have all these different songs stuck in my head...last time there was a post like this,I was singing 'a very merry unbirthday to you...TO YOU'....:veryconfu Now I'm singing 'Oh,i just cant wait to be king' :brick:


New Member
ANY song from the lion king..It's the best movie. Paws down.
Plus, if you know all the africain chants, it's a great way to scare co-workers...(Goes off singing 'One by One' from the Broadway play)


Active Member
For me it would be "Trashin' the Camp" from Tarzan. Love that song!

Zah-be-dab doo-be-doo Zah-be-dab Zab-a-doo-dah-do-day-dab........
Dwee dob dwee do! Wooo!:D :D :D :D :D

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