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Caribbean Beach Concern


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When it comes to Disney, I’m a planner. I like having as little surprises as possible. Obviously weather is an X factor but it is what it is. That being said, I’m starting to have concerns about our August trip.

We got a bounce back to stay at CBR, so it definitely is a great deal, but between the new traffic patterns of busses and the unknown of the Skyliner system, I’m worried that things will not go according to plan. I’m concerned travel times will be heavily increased.

I’m at the point where I attempted changing resorts, but since there are no current offers for late summer, changing to any resort, even value, is more expensive by a lot. To the point where it would not make sense to change. My older DS is only two years away from college and I’m trying to maximize the time he has available for us. My heart sunk when I called not only because of the price, but also because this was the first time I’ve EVER had a CM offer me their extension number if I changed my mind in 20 years. My only hope at this point, is an offer that ends at the same time our trip does. SW:GE opens like a week after we leave, so I doubt there will be an offer for the opening months due to interest.

Am I getting worried over nothing, or should I just wait until May to see if a new offer is out?


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So your concern is just about the buses? And whether travel to and from the parks is going to be disrupted?

In that case, I would try to relax. If you find it’s much worse than you anticipated, could you use Uber or Lyft instead?

If you’re concerned about the resort, then I’m sure there will be some trip reports from people staying at CBR. I think @surfsupdon has been there recently, maybe he can help reassure you?


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I can tell you this. I returned from CBR yesterday.

In August, I predict the current construction will be finished. Jamaica landscape is completed and brand new. Aruba landscape is completed up to building 52/quiet pool. It’ll def be done by August. Martinique landscape is all new.

The updated rooms are still fantastic.
The food court food is much improved (tho I prefer the original layout and color scheme).
The front desk experience is hugely improved.
Dining is TREMENDOUSLY improved. Sebastian’s and Banana Cabana have great food. Mobile ordering is wonderful at OPR. And Spyglass Grill is excellent too. Plus Coke machines in most buildings!!
The grounds look beautiful!
Amazing pool, quiet pools, and beach.

The only current negative is the bus looping pattern with 3 dead ends and turn arounds. I noticed it. My new to CBR friends did not.

Request a room by the footbridge in Jamaica or Aruba to really enjoy this Resort.

I’d certainly stay again.


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We were booked with a “water view” as part of offer. Which, in your opinion, has the better option? Why would you request those buildings?
CBR is a beautiful, lush Resort with very pleasant grounds. Being across the lake allows you to explore the Resort without being too far away. To get to OPR, it’s by traveling across two foot bridges and through a tropical island.

Lake views can be found in Jamaica 44,45 and Aruba 51,52. I prefer them for close proximity to OPR, a bus stop, and a quiet pool. We prefer the color scheme of Jamaica too.
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