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Hey!Um just wondering if someone could tell me what University degree would put me on the right path to beocming an Imagineer?I'm interested in architecture, would studying architecture be ok too?In fact, how generally should a 16 yr old in England go about a career in Imagineering?Any help much appreciated!!Also, can anyone give me the ImagiNations website address?I can't find it!Thanks :)


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Every Imagineer in Imagineering got there by a different path. From all the Imagineers I have met, the one thing that I have learned is to follow your passion - there are literally hundreds of disciplines in Imagineering, and chances are what you love will be there. If you're interested in architecture, then go for it! Studying architecture would definitely be beneficial if that's what you want to do - architects are a vital part of Imagineering.
Do you have a trip coming soon? If so, I would highly suggest the Dine with an Imagineer program. I'm also an Imagineer hopeful and have enjoyed getting to meet and talk with the Imagineers through the program. There are also a lot of books out there that can be really helpful to learning more about Imagineering. PM if you want any suggestions!

Hope that helps!
-Erica :)
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