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We have found that the best tip to share with others is frozen Capri Suns. You can freeze them the night before- and then they continue to thaw throughout the day. And if you get to hot- take one out and put it on the back of your neck- instant relief. I have usually taken them in the bottom of a diaper bag- this trip i plan on everyone taking two in their own waist pack- in a ziplock baggie to avoid "sweating" when thawing.

11 days and counting:sohappy:


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That is a great idea! You know, NBC is looking for a new Domestic Diva?!? :D
Have fun on your trip!


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Lilmama21 you can take any drink item into the park. It doesn't matter with the exception of alchol of any kinds. Disney says not to but really never enforces it. So its OK. If you have any more questions ask me, I am glad to help.
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