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Cape may and Boma for dinner. Whats everbodys thoughts?


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just did Cape May dinner August 6 (second day open after the refurb). It was ok. Id go again, but it wasnt as good as i remember. Im thinking i was bummed since we were leaving the next morning, i couldnt enjoy like i wanted to. And dint they used to have a soft ice cream machine there? Boma is a favorite of ours. never disappoints!


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Doing Boma for the first time in 20 trips this year for breakfast. (Yep I chickened out for dinner, due to DH and DS likes and dislikes) But I hear nothing but good and great about Boma for both meals. Never did Cape May but also seems like food lovers think this is spectacular! Have a wonderful time :)

Pooh Lover

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DH and I both love Cape May for dinner but have yet to try post refurb (have heard some less than stellar comments post refurb.) I personally am not a fan of Boma (dinner....except for their soups and desserts) but DH absolutely loves every bit of it. Chalk it up to my less-than-adventurous tastes. We are going back to Cape May but skipping Boma for Chef Mickey's (DH not thrilled) next month. I hope you have a fabulous time at both!


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Boma is one of our favorite WDW restaurants and Cape May was my boys restaurant pick for our upcoming trip. I have read a disturbing rumor on a recent forum post that the Oreo Bon Bons are gone at Cape May! Coachwnh can you confirm this?

Boma has a wonderful selection of soups, hummus and desserts, not to mention yummy meats and sides. And we love the atmosphere at AKL.


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I have enjoyed both restaurants. Cape May has a great sleection of seafood and non-seafood items. I love their clam chowder and their ribs. Boma is also good, and should be fine for picky eaters. The meats are cooked over a fire pit and the sauces for them are optional. Some of the side dishes can be a bit exotic, but if the stick with things they know (like potatoes and geen beans), they should have plenty to eat.


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Boma is so good! I'm kind of picky and I found plenty to eat. I'm not a fan of seafood so I can't comment on Cape May for dinner. I did go to the character breakfast there and that was good.


We love CapeMay for breakfast and Dinner. We have been to Boma twice and think it's ok but not a must go choice for us.


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Boma is awesome, such a great variety of different foods! They do have a "safety" section with fries and chicken fingers for picky eaters. But also have tons of other things for those who aren't afraid of branching out. Make sure to save room for dessert!!


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I like Boma for dinner.


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Both are good but Boma is the one we go back to over and over. Either one has enough choices for picky eaters. That's the great thing about buffets - even if someone hates 90% of the choices there's still enough other items from the other 10% to make a meal.


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Both have a kid friendly section so at the worst you can fall back to chicken fingers and pasta.

I had no problems plenty enough to eat at both, and I'm a vegetarian. My DW enjoyed Cape May, but decided it wasn't close to a real New England clambake. And we both always enjoy Boma. Plenty of new flavors and combinations of food to try.


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As others have stated, both are great. I think it just depends on how much your family is into seafood. While there are other things at Cape May cafe for dinner, the seafood is the main draw. Neither is a must do for us every time, but we like to try different places and there are still a ton on our never tried list.


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One reason we tried Cape MAy was its convenient location: you can walk there easily from the Epcot back entrance. Boma takes a long time getting to by bus, but if you have a car, I'd say go for it.


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I have only done Cape May for breakfast many years ago. It was ok, typical breakfast food, nothing spectacular. Boma on the other hand is absolutely incredible for both breakfast and dinner. IMO it is the best buffet on property. Don't worry about picky eaters, they usually have pasta, meatballs and chicken tenders for the kids although adults can grab that too.

Pumbas Nakasak

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Cape May I thought was like eating at a cattle trough. Bomas is good, the menu has been eroded to accommodate the burgers and mac crew sadly, but their remains sufficient unique dishes to make it a worthwhile dining location.


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We had dinner at CMC last November on our annual last night dinner and loved it, service was top notch though I wasn't wild about where were seated otherwise food was fresh and always attended too. Went to BOMA two years ago and again loved it, very unique but had plenty of non adventurous foods. We would do both restaurants on some trips depending on what was planned for the week!


Those are two of my favorite Disney restaurants. For me, Boma wins over Cape May lately. But Cape May to me is more of a family memory. They have good food, but I don't eat clams, which is a good chunk of the buffet. I think Boma has a HUGE selection and different tastes. Love it!


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Did Cape May a few years back and all I can say is...meh. Boma on the other hand was excellent. We've eaten there for both breakfast and dinner.


Carey Poppins - Nanny and Disney Enthusiest
It will be our 1st time for both. We also will have some picky eaters.

I have been to Cape May for bfast but not for dinner b/c I don't eat seafood. But the bfast had one of the best character interactions that we have ever had! As for Boma, loved it and i'm a picky eater. Loved the atmosphere, the cast members were amazing and the upside down pineapple cheesecake literally changed my life!!!

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