Can you enter MK at 4pm with just your MNSSHP Ticket?


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Just so you know what you can expect at the park entry point, Cast Members will set up a corral (of sorts) for all party guests. As you face the train station, the party guest entrance will be on the right-hand side.

Prior to 4:00 PM there will be a lot of party guests that arrived early in the corral. So you can time your arrival as you see fit. At 3:00 you have a decent chance of being near the front of the line-up.

At ~4:00 they will open the entry touch points to party guests. This can be a bit messy. Some guests have trouble with the finger print touch points or with their tickets. Excitment is high. It can be a bit stressful... Once you make it past the touch-point entry, there is another bottle neck. All party guests need to get a party wristband, which signifies that you have a party ticket.

The wrist band bottleneck takes a little time and definitely bottlenecks the crowd more. But once your are past that, you are golden!
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