Can you Cancel 1 of 3 FP's?


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I have been making my 3 selections for FP per day. Some days my DH and I do not ride 3 rides (not as young as we use to be) but I can't see that I can cancel just one or two. I try and they automatically give me the others to equal 3.
I really feel I'm wasting a FP and keeping someone else from getting them. Is it ok not to use the FP's you have?
I'm hoping there is a way, I'm just not seeing it.
I looked at other post and haven't seen this question before so sorry if it's here already.


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There is no way they make you pick 3. I'm running into the same issue at AK. I have two little kids and don't need 3 FP+ choices for that park. If you don't show up there is no penalty.


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Such a waste though for something is so wanted by most. Hopefully they'll change that when you can only select one FP.


I came here looking for an answer to the same question. I'm really disliking being forced into booking 3 FP's. I also find that making adjustments to the times or changing the ride the FP is for, is really really slow and cumbersome both on mobile and on the computer. Not liking it much at all!

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Same problem here. We didn't think about using the Fastpass plus for our trip next week (you know, we don't need to schedule our rides, we're not 'those' people :cat: ) until just a couple of days ago. Then, there we were spending about 3 hours playing around with the fast pass + stuff, lol. We only wanted to do 1 ride, Toy Story Midway Mania, and they were forcing us to choose 3. I didn't like that because first, a lot of the stuff really didn't need fast passes, 2 we DON'T like having our entire day planned like that, and 3, we weren't allowed to choose other parks to use them. If we park hop, we should be able to choose 1 FP for Studios and 1 for MK if we want. It was a very tricky system.

Anyway, we called the Disney help desk and I don't think the people really know what's going on fully. We were told that we should be able to choose only one but that there might be work being done on the site. It is, after all, only still in the testing phase. We weren't too upset, saying that if we don't use them it won't matter. But there is that slight feeling of guilt that we are taking times away from other people.

I hope Disney fixes this. :joyfull: On a whole though, it was kinda fun experimenting with the site and figuring out the FP stuff.
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