Can We Limit The Size of a Backpack


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Lounge Fly bags for everyone! Disney’s newest money grab.

I’ve never encountered the problem of giant bags. You’d think it would be a pain to lug one of those around all day in the heat.


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i usually sport an average size bag, but remove it while standing on line or in a bus as a courtesy to others. i’ve had worse things happen vs getting hit by a bag though, but i hear you.


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Never will happen. As an adult without a huge family in tow I can get away with less items. Over the years I’ve scaled it down a lot. But you have too many guests needing large backpacks full of necessary items for their multiple kids, those with infants carrying items for their care and holding food and drink to save money on costly park days. Dis will never get away with requiring a size limit.
You may get bopped by a backpack occasionally but if you are aware of what’s around you you can avoid most collisions.


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Maybe they shouldn't pack ppl in likes sardines?

I get personal space which I follow, but it's difficult in many situations. Parades, fireworks, lines, after shows, everywhere at MK, etc.
The way some of the queue switchbacks are designed, there's very little room for a person with an "encumbrance" of any size -- a backpack, a baby in a front carrier, etc. -- to turn around without whacking somebody, especially if the line is moving slowly (causing people to tend to lean against the rails), or once they're hot and tired and have started to lose their sense of spatial awareness. Unfortunately, I've been on the receiving end of those whacks many, many times.

The Disney buses are the worst offenders in my experience. I've spent more rides than I care to remember standing up and engaging my core like a surfer to keep my balance, pressed against strangers and their baggage so closely that I can identify their brand of antiperspirant -- if indeed I'm fortunate enough that they're wearing any -- being bashed and pressed on every side by backpacks, dangling Stanley cups, and folded strollers. That mode of transportation may be complimentary, but I don't have many compliments for it!
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Sans Souci

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It makes me wonder how we all managed to survive before backpacks became so popular if people think they cannot live without carrying one around now.

I think people with small children use them. You can keep sunscreen, snacks, water, diapers, etc. in them. You can also put any souvenirs you've purchased in them. My back sweats just thinking about wearing one in the parks, though.


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Maybe because I am old and fat, but I cannot imagine lugging a backpack of any size, let alone a large one. Bonus points to the offender for stamina.

And yea, you are really close if you're getting whacked by the pack. I don't get that close given a choice.

If I can smells your pits, Im having mah fits.
Loungeflys for regular park days. On trips when I'm already showing severe symptoms, I've got a cute bag that was sold to me as a "mini diaper bag" and it fits a lot. So I can bring extra medication and other items to help keep my symptoms a bit more controllable.

Cause this entire conversation is my nightmare. The idea I might hit someone with a bag on accident terrifies me and then I'll be fishing in the bag to give you my extra big ibuprofen as a peace offering... They don't really do much but it might take the edge off!

The Empress Lilly

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If it's not crowded, you're too close to me if my bag hits you.

If it is crowded, I move my backpack to my chest or hold it in my hand.

Who carries around a huge bag in 100° though? Did that suddenly become a thing?


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If it's not crowded, you're too close to me if my bag hits you
that’s not how it happens though. I’ll be standing still waiting for fireworks and suddenly I’m surrounded by guests packed in all around me - if one of them to my side has a backpack and they move to face a friend to take a photo, or chit chat the backpack hits me and I have nowhere to go.

This is a real thing. It also happens on crowded subways in New York, and at Disney on the bus and monorails.

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