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California Grill unavailable starting October 2nd


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According to its webpage, California Grill will be unavailable befitting October 2nd to create “a special dining experience” for the 50th ... which starts the day before. Interesting and confusing choice.


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Are they bringing back "Broadway at the Top"?



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I am genuinely concerned about this one. I agree with others, based on past refurbs I see fixed (High price) dinning but low quality and yes even the Incrediables. I really hope my gut is wrong on this one as we Love to go to CG on Christmas Eve (and with our trip this year probably would have gone close to New Years Eve or before).


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One of the more popular out of park areas to watch fireworks and they close it after the first day of the new show?
One also wonders how long Wave will be closed, meaning very limited food options for those staying in the resort.


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IF they add Incredibles or some other such nonsense… every restaurant is better with characters, right?!?! :banghead:


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California Grill is my favorite meal on property. If they change it too much (raising the prices to astronomical amounts, adding characters..) this is just going to be another thing on the long list of things Disney has changed for the worse in the last few years.


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I feel with them trying to make this a high price to view fireworks package, this will ultimately doom the Top of the World for DVC. However they do California Grill it's ultimately to make money off people wanting to use it for a good view.

There is no way Top of the World is going to come back what it was. They are going to charge for a perk that was once free for DVC owners. Definitely the trend going forward.

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