Caldisney's HO scale model progress


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Cal asked me to post these pics of the HO scale model of Disneyland he is constructing.
Im not sure if I told anyone in the group that I have been building a H.O. Scale Model of Mainstreet and the Disneyland Railroad.
I have finished 2 and a 1/2 buildings so far The Jewelry store and the small brick building across from the Firehouse.
The hardest challenge so far has been the Mainstreet Station
Since Nobody has this model to be found The other 2 buildings I have made from Models I have picked up at my local Hobby store,But the station I have had to build from a H O scale train station and from Foamboard and posterboard.
I have also had to build my passenger cars from scratch Since they Only sell the Walt Disney World train out here.(Grrrr)
I was lucky enough though to win an auction of a 4-4-0 engine and tender car on Ebay.
Check out my Pics .

My next project is the Mainstreet cinema


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Looks good, Mitch!

I also noticed the cross stitch remark. I'm teaching my son (because he asked me to teach him) He's working on some Chinese characters right now, but wants to design his own "mage" badges or something like that. He's very "into" Warcraft.

Carla, don't be such a stranger!


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Hi Mom! I thik its great that he wants to learn...I know several men who do cros stitch, and they make all kinds of really nice pieces! I am trying not to be a stranger...I am here most everyday, but I usually only post occasionally. I am working on a beaded tote bag for a friend, and an Angel of hope for a Christmas gift.I will try to pst pics of the 2 shirts I just finished for our Niece:)


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Hey!! Thanks Mom and DCA fan:)
Yeah Ive been busy I havent been here much... I miss the contests
I will have Carla post more pics when I get the Movie house done.

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