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Buying tickets for parks and universal


New Member
New here!

I am traveling to Orlando on January 13 until the 22.
What's the weather usually like? chilly lows 60?
I am going with a toddler almost 2 years old, 11 old kid, 18 year old, and 8 adults
My brother-in-law has a timeshare at Orange Lake resort,
the resort seems too good to be true in the pictures can anyone tell me their experience
I live in the Caribbean it's a for Floridian weather 90-99*
So i dont know what to wear
Maybe a light jacket?
And what kind of sneakers

Does the waterpark closes around that time in January?
I was checking the tickets at undercover tourist mostly we want to cover animal,magic kingdom, universal (both) and epcot. Not into hollywood studios

And how does the fast pass works I'm new to this the last time I traveled to Disney it was 18 years ago
I know disney is expensive so at the resort we will buy groceries but we will eat outside too

I'm sorry I wrote so much just want to know your experiences
Already got the airplane tickets!

James Norrie

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Hi and Welcome! I'm pretty new too, but don't worry, they don't bite (too hard!)...
Orlando is usually between High 50's to Low 70's in January, so I would pack a hoodie or light fleece.
We walked 15 miles a day, for a week straight. Wear comfortable footwear, avoid flip-flops! You'll thank me later!
Fast pass is easy. Download the My Disney Experience app for a smartphone, and 30 days before your trip (because you are staying off property), you can book 3 a day. I recommend getting them as close together in the morning (i.e. Seven Dwarfs at 9, Peter Pan 10, Space Mountain at 11), so that you can then book 1 at a time throughout the day as you please.
Blizzard Beach is due to re-open on Christmas eve, so you should be able to enjoy that, but Typhoon Lagoon will not open until March.
I definitely recommend buying discounted tix through UT, make sure not to go through ebay or an unpreputable vendor.

Most of all enjoy the trip! It is so much fun to go to the World, and thought the planning can seem endless, the magic is too! (Sorry, just had to play on their new slogan!)
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Weather is relative. Floridians put on parkas and fur lined boots when it hits 65. People from farther north are in shorts, like me. Weather can be almost anything then. Watch the weather all the way up until you leave to plan accordingly.

As for shoes, walking shoes that you are use to and won't cause blisters. There's lots of walking. Tickets you need to decide for yourself. My advice is buy tickets directly from the company. For a few $ it is not worth a potential hassle.
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We were there in early Feb of 15 and wore shorts and t-shirts during the day and jeans and sweatshirts at night. We did the Princess run that year and it was 30 on our way to the race (4:30 am). Florida can have some crazy temp swings!! I would just watch the long range forecast starting about 30 days before the trip. Staying off property means you will likely have a car? If so there are a couple of malls in the area so you can pick up any thing you did not plan for. :)
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Weather could be all over the place. I've been there in Jan (usually the week before you will be) and I've seen anything from 30 to 90. Usually 50-75 or so is a good daily range, morning and night around 50, mid day could warm up to 70-75. You really need to just keep watching the weather, and a few days before you leave, pack accordingly.

If you are buying multi day tickets (and you should be be, don't buy several single day ones) they will work all the WDW parks, so it doesn't matter which one you want to go to. Universal tickets are completely separate, but you can buy both from legitimate resellers like Undercover Tourist.

FastPass+ is booked online or via app, up to 30 days in advance for offsite guests. You can also book in park at kiosks if needed, but most of the selection will be gone. You basically reserve a time slot during which you can ride with a much shorter wait. Same concept as a dining reservation.

You have a bunch of questions, so may want to read one of the guide books, I usually push the Unofficial Guide, but if thats a bit beefy, even the Official one is better than nothing. Read those, and then ask all the questions you want, but starting with one of thsoe should really help to get you up to speed.
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