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Hey peeps
How many Tickets can ONE perosn buy with their Florida Residents card? If im buying 4, 2 of them annual passess. Would I be able to buy them with my FR card all in one or do they need seperate licenses?

DO we know the current prices for the annuals??
Could one day park hoppers still be purchased?? If so how much are they??

Many Many THANKS to all of ya. :)

The Gurgs


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Florida Residency Guidelines

Proof of Florida Residency is...

1)VALIDFlorida Drivers License

2)VALIDFlorida State issued ID card (MUSThave Florida address)

3)VALIDFlorida Voters Registration Card with corresponding picture ID

4)VALIDFlorida Based Military ID -List of Florida Military Bases

5)VALIDFlorida College/University ID (MUST be a Florida college)

Each adult in the party is required to have a Florida ID.

Florida Resident tickets are only available to actual Florida Residents and can not be purchased for out of state family or friends.

** Adults with grandchildren - If an adult is with a child, under 18, we do not question the child's residency. **

If the Guest has an exchange certificate, it is important to remind the Guest that a VALID form of Florida ID will be required when the exchange certificate is redeemed for their actual pass.

To explain, basically the adults have to have them, the kids do not.


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FL Annual Pass

Ages 10 and Up

$299.00 + $19.44 tax =$318.44

$264.00 + $17.16 tax =$281.16

Ages 3-9

$254.00 + $16.51 tax =$270.51

$224.00 + $14.56 tax =$238.56


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Thanks so much for that! Since im the only FL resident, would you be able to advice on:

1 Day hopper passes?


Annual pass for non Fl res. and

a days hopper (not sure how many days they offer)

Many Many Thanks

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There are two types of annual passes for non-FL residents. The regular and premium. Regular is just the 4 theme parks, unlimited admission. The premium includes waterparks, Pleasure Island and Disney Quest.

There are Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus tickets. There are also 2 day 2 park passes.

Park Hoppers come in 4 and 5 day variety. These allow you to go between the theme parks as much as you want on the day the ticket is used. Days not used do not expire.

Park Hopper Plus tickets come in 5, 6 and 7 day varieties. These allow you to go between the theme parks as much as you want on the day the ticket is used. Unused days never expire. They also come with Pluses which can be used for admission to the water parks (1 per plus), Pleasure Island, Wide World of Sports and Disney Quest.

2 day 2 park tickets let you go to 1 park on one day and another on another day. If you do not use the second day, it will expire within a week of first use (time maybe shorter than a week).

Ultimate park hopper tickets are tied into your stay in the resort and allow you access to all the parks, water parks, Disney Quest, Wide World of Sports and Pleasure Island. These are generally only good if you hit a theme park every day of your stay.
Look at to look what is offered and get the prices.

If you are coming from the UK, look to to look at the ticket prices in pounds and what may be available to you for a longer stay.
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