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Is "the World" busy during about Mar. 10,11,12??? That's about when I'm going next and I hope that it's not busy! I love it when the parks are empty!

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There are no more slow times at WDW. Attendance is past where it was pre 9-11. The parks won't be 4th of July busy but don't expect to walk on RnRC at 5:00 PM. Get to the parks early, use fast pass and make your ADR's ahead of time.


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I go the first week in March each year and the lines are not too bad. The ESPN weekend is one week before you are going, so I don't know if that will effect the crowds or not.


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spring break begins that week, and is that week for schools in Florida. will be pretty crowded, but as yoda said, not 4th of july crowded.

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