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Businesses & things Disney should buy or cooperate with; Movie & Park rights Disney should buy


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Let's discuss businesses you and others think Disney should get involved in or things you and others think Disney should buy or get various rights to.

I mentioned the notion of Disney purchasing Capcom or getting rights to do certain things that are related to Capcom games in another thread that is about Disney purchasing Fox in this forum. I didn't want to stray too far off track of what was the general and initial subject of that thread. So I thought I would make another thread for people to mention and discuss their ideas regarding something similar to some things I have been thinking about.

If it abides by the rules, I'd like to make a thread for people to discuss ideas they and others have about types of businesses Disney should should create a company to get involved in; types of businesses where Disney should cooperate with a company involved in them; and things Disney should buy or get the rights to make movies, theme park attractions, tv/streaming shows, and/or video games involving those things.
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I'll post some ideas I have been thinking about and hopefully some other people will post and discuss some ideas like I described above.

What would some of you all think of Disney purchasing the amusement park Terra Mítica in Spain?

Terra Mítica (Valencian pronunciation: [ˈtɛra ˈmitika]) is a theme park located in Benidorm, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain. The park is divided into 5 themed zones: Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and the Islands (of the Mediterranean). The park opened in 2000.

In 2008, the following areas were added to the park:

Ocionía - A free access area with themed shops, branded restaurants, and pay-as-you-go attractions. Ocionia is located just before the park entrance area.
Atalaya - An outdoor adventure and obstacle course with challenges for adults and children alike. Atalaya is adjacent to the park entrance.

For the 2013 season, the park has been divided into two separate parks Iberia Park and Terra Mitica, the former being a free to enter area that requires tokens to be bought for access to the rides. It covers half of the Egypt zone and all of the Iberia and Islands areas. The latter is a pay to enter area where all rides are free while inside. For the 2014 season, Iberia Park became gated, requiring a ticket to enter. Ibera park will only be open for 2 months from 2016 onwards.

In 2016, the Luxor Hotel was opened. To coincide with the hotels opening, the season was reduced to 3 months, but prices were increased causing many season pass holders to complain.
Benidorm (/ˈbɛnɪdɔːrm/; Valencian: [beniˈðɔɾm]; Spanish: [beniˈðor]) is a city and municipality in the province of Alicante in eastern Spain, on the Mediterranean coast.

Until the 1960s, Benidorm was a small fishing village; today it is known for its hotel industry, beaches and skyscrapers. According to the 2014 census, Benidorm has a permanent population of 69,010 inhabitants, making it the fifth most populous town in the Alicante province. Benidorm has the most high-rise buildings per capita in the world

In the 1980s Benidorm developed a reputation for British drunken lager louts and violent binge drinking. This did not happen all year round but mainly in the summer months of July and August.[12] During the 1980s families were put off visiting the city. However today the problem of drunkenness and lager louts has largely gone and Benidorm has become more mellowed. Many such people tend to visit other places like Ibiza or Magaluf.

Benidorm boasts three family-oriented theme parks: Terra Mítica is inland from the city, at the foot of the mountain, and Aqualandia and Mundomar are located on the outskirts of the city on the Llevant side. In addition to large shopping and commercial areas.

I know the current Terra Mítica is fairly different from current and historical style of Disney parks. I was thinking that due to this it could be referred to as being a Marvel park rather than a Disney park or maybe referred to as being some other kind of park. It would not be called a Disney park however. The park could only have things related to Marvel comics, movies, and/or tv/streaming shows to differentiate it from Disney in general. Possibly, all or most of the things at the park could be based on comic art more than appearances in movies and shows. If that was the case, there could be similarities in some ways to the Marvel section of Islands of Adventure if that was wanted. Perhaps, Disney could hire another company to run the park for them. For example, they could have it referred to as a Cedar Fair park and have it run by Cedar Fair, but be owned by Disney. I'm not sure how open to the idea that company in particular would be, but I have read about one company running a park owned in some sense by another company occurring at least once before, but it seemed to only be for a limited period of time. I actually plan to write below this post about the idea of Disney purchasing Cedar Fair. So, that is one way that the park could be separate from Disney in some ways.

It has had financial problems in the past including a bankruptcy filing. It seems like a park that's already established in some ways that Disney could purchase for not a huge amount of money. This could get Disney a park in Spain like Disney had considered in the past when considering where to build a park in Europe. Some people have argued that if Disney had built a park in Spain it probably would have received greater attendance than the one they built in France. Maybe, purchasing this park in Spain could provide some leverage when interacting with relevant French government groups regarding Disneyland Paris. They could use the fact that they would have some degree of presence in Spain to Disney's advantage. Basically, they could use the fact that they could potentially invest more into the park in Spain and/or build another park nearby the Terra Mítica park and potentially less into France as something to benefit them with negotiations with government groups in France. They could do similar things in Spain perhaps, but I'm not sure what the pre-existing relationship with relevant Spanish government groups might be for the park.

However, I'm not sure how much Disney could change the economic variables regarding the park's success by taking it over in the future. I'm also not sure what the pre-existing relationships with other businesses there are with the Terra Mítica park. Also, I'm not sure about the economic variables regarding future geographic expansion of the park, building or buying one or more hotels nearby, attracting more people to the park, building or buying one or more parks of various kinds nearby, building or buying one or more golf courses nearby, and building or buying other things Disney might want to own nearby a park (including things like some things at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney).

Something interesting I think they could do would be to have attractions relating to characters in Marvel comics, movies, and/or shows that are inspired by some 'mythologies', legends, or possibly 'religions' of people of the world (I guess from I have read it can be hard to really differentiate how 'mythology' is different from 'religion'.) Marvel has previously published comics that have characters that are similar in some ways to some mythological figures and sometimes even have the same name as some figures in mythologies. Thor is an example and has even appeared in Marvel movies. Maybe in the future Marvel could make movies and/or tv/streaming shows with more characters like this and people would be more familiar with some of these characters. A potential benefit of this is that many of these characters might not be featured at Islands of Adventure and therefore possibly could appear at a theme park east of the Mississippi River. Therefore, Disney could replicate one or more attractions featuring such a character at Terra Mítica and at a park East of the Mississippi River if they wanted.

Perhaps in the future Disney could build attractions similar to some past ideas considered for Port Disney at the Terra Mitica park or near the park and much of the city of Benidorm, but in a place considered separate in some sense from the current Terra Mítica . These attractions could possibly be located at a pier in or near the city of Benidorm and maybe considered a second gate to the Terra Mítica park or just a related park, but not a second gate or part of the same park as a park owned by Disney where the current Terra Mítica park. Some of the ideas for Port Disney regarding 'Hero's Harbor' and Atlantis could fit well with the current ideas associated with some of the attractions at the park. I know some of these ideas were influential on attractions built at DisneySea in Tokyo, but perhaps future attractions built in Spain could be different in some ways. Maybe some benefit could be taken from this by replicating much of the characteristics of attractions, but making them different in some ways.

What do you guys think about them extending the park to include more than just things associated with 'mythologies' and also having things associated with historical characters or historical things believed to have actually existed? How about imagined characters and things associated with historical settings (perhaps mostly historical settings in Europe and other areas near the Mediterranean Sea)? A change in the name of the park might have to reflect these things. If such an change occurred, I think it could make sense to have attractions in some places relating to some more characters and other things from Marvel comics, movies, and tv/streaming shows. For example, it could then fit better to have attractions relating to people with magic powers that appeared in Marvel things who lived many years ago in one or more of those mentioned settings. They could have an attraction where guests are meant to imagine that they are visiting the Sanctum Sanctorum in London during a point in time many years ago. I mentioned some motivations behind doing something like this in another post.

A benefit of this is they could replicate attractions in multiple places or at least create attractions that are quite similar to one another if they wanted including in one more parks East of the Mississippi River because I believe many characters and things relating to magical stuff in Marvel comics are not used at Islands of Adventure. There could also be attractions relating to just adventurous people with no superpowers who lived in those settings in the past if they wanted. Of course in the future Marvel could make movies or tv/streaming shows relating to some of these legendary figures, historical figures, and/or newly created imaginary characters who lived in these historical settings.

An idea I had was that a Terra Mítica park could have much of it's attractions replicated in a park built in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, or South Korea. I'm not so sure how common it is for amusement parks and fairs/carnivals in East Asia and specifically South East Asia to feature attractions that have to do with mythologies, legends, and/or historical settings not closely associated with East Asian cultures and history or more specifically South East Asian cultures and history. Amusement parks and fairs/carnivals that have attractions relating to these ideas (particularly ones associated with mythologies and legends written, told, and featured in art works by people in Europe for long periods of time) seem to be fairly common in North America and Europe. I wonder if attractions relating to those things might have some interesting appeal to many people in East Asia and South East Asia.

People building an amusement park of some kind would have lots of past parks and attractions relating to these ideas they could take into consideration and benefit from when building a park with things relating to those ideas. If it was in a place where those things were uncommon, maybe that could make the park stand out compared to many other nearby parks if the creators of the park wanted that. I think it might be fitting if a park was built ultimately for a foreign company like Disney, Fox*, or Cedar Fair that it might have at least some things that wouldn't be closely associated with the cultures and history of the people and area where it is being built. I might be wrong about these things however as I haven't done a great amount of research into it and how many people in East Asia and more specifically South East Asia might think about such a thing, but it seems like things like this that are considered unusual and not closely associated with the local area like I mentioned is the appeal of some attractions at many amusement parks. That seems like the appeal of some things built at some Disney parks like Adventureland. I think many historical settings at parks go along with this appeal to some degree as well. Additionally, I wonder if tourists from outside East Asia or more specifically outside South East Asia might consider a park built by a company like Disney, Cedar Fair, or Six Flags to more likely have safer attractions and maybe better security than some other parks in the area. I don't know if this thinking would be well justified in many cases or how much of an economic benefit it might bring to a park, but I think it's something interesting to consider.

I'm not sure what 'style' the Terra Mítica park should have in the future if it were purchased by Disney or a group ultimately owned by Disney.

-Should it stay similar to how it currently is?
-Become more like many Cedar Fair parks in some ways?
-Become like a mix of how it currently is mixed with the main Universal Studios in Orlando or Islands of Adventure?
-Become like a mix of many Cedar Fair parks mixed with the main Universal Studios in Orlando or Islands of Adventure?
-Become like a mix of how it currently is mixed with Disneyland or a Disney World gate park?
-Become like a mix of many Cedar Fair parks mixed with Disneyland or a Disney World gate park?
-Become like the main Universal Studios in Orlando or Island of Adventure?
-Become like Disneyland or a Disney World gate park?

What do you guys think about one or more of these things I have posted?
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What do some of all of you reading this think of Disney or Fox* purchasing the Cedar Fair company or some of the parks they currently operate?

(*This might actually be a group of businesses involving parts or all of the businesses Disney purchased from Fox that is somehow kept distinct and separated to some degree from things that have to do with Disney. This group at some point in the future might actually not use a name that is just the word 'Fox' or have 'Fox' as part of the name.)

I think Disney and other companies involved in making movies and tv shows might be worried about the future of economic variables regarding the future of those endeavors. So, a way to help with this uncertainty for some of these companies might be to become more involved in amusement parks of various kinds and maybe fairs/carnivals and arcades. So, partly due to this I've been thinking about how Disney could be involved more financially in some of these things which, like I said, includes amusement parks. One way they could do this could be build or purchase parks that are more like Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks than current Disney parks. Of course, an easy way to do this would be to purchase a company that owns many parks like that such as the company Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair parks seem to currently have some degree of uniformity in a variety of ways that would probably take some resources and time to otherwise achieve if Disney or Fox* were to buy a variety of amusement parks from a variety of different companies.

Cedar Fair parks include California's Great America, Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds, Cedar Point, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, Gilroy Gardens, Kings Dominion, Kings Island, Knott's Berry Farm, Michigan's Adventure, Valleyfair, Worlds of Fun. Many of these include waterparks within the parks. Water parks that are considered separate from other parks are Knott's Soak City: Orange County, Cedar Point Shores, and Castaway Bay. Cedar Point seemingly still owns the parks Geauga Lake and the nearby Wildwater Kingdom, but they seem to no longer be operating.

Cedar Fair, L.P., doing business as the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, is a publicly traded partnership headquartered at its Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. The company owns and operates eleven amusement parks, two outdoor water parks, one indoor water park, and five hotels in the US and Canada.[5]

On May 22, 2006, Cedar Fair announced it had outbid competitors and intended to purchase all five parks in the Paramount Parks chain, including Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton and the management agreement of Bonfante Gardens. On June 30, 2006, Cedar Fair announced that it had completed its acquisition of Paramount Parks from CBS Corporation in a cash transaction valued at $1.24 billion USD.

In December 2009 it was announced that Apollo Global Management would offer Cedar Fair $11.50[25][26] per share, a 28 percent premium over the market price, as part of a takeover plan which would also make Cedar Fair a private company.[27] The deal included a cash payment of $635 million in addition to assuming Cedar Fair's debt of over $1.7 billion USD putting the total value of the transaction close to $2.4 billion USD. Cedar Fair planned to hold a shareholder meeting on March 16, 2010 to vote on the transaction but postponed the meeting to April 8, 2010, implying that two-thirds of the shareholder vote needed for approval wasn't yet secured.[28] On April 6, 2010, the deal was terminated, and Cedar Fair paid $6.5 million to reimburse Apollo for expenses incurred from the proposed transaction.[26][29] Cedar Fair also adopted a unitholder rights plan as a preventative measure to help protect unitholders in the event of any future hostile takeover.

Interesting to me, a company tried to purchase the Cedar Fair company for less money than I would have thought it might have cost when I first started thinking about this. Maybe this is true for some other people as well. So, perhaps Disney might not actually get that great of a financial benefit from purchasing these parks as I initially thought and perhaps some others might think; but I think there could still be some benefit from purchasing the company.

I think many of the Cedar Fair parks generally have an association among many people as being fairly safe, not having lots of crime, having many things there that are not inappropriate for children, and having built a history and generally favorable familiarity with people nearby. I think they are fairly similar in these ways to Disney parks. What do you guys think many people think about their parks? I haven't really done very thorough research about these things though and it seems like it might be hard to do that unless you work with a marketing research company or something like that.

Something I find interesting about Cedar Fair is that the CEO of Cedar Fair is currently a person who previously was the president of Disney Cruise Line and Disneyland in Anaheim. He has been CEO since some time in 2012. Changes he might have made could possibly have made Cedar Fair parks more appealing to Disney or Fox* to purchase. This reminds me of David Maisel who was formerly a Disney employee that worked for Marvel prior to the Disney purchase. He apparently was important for Marvel getting a loan from someone else to pay for the costs of making some Marvel movies with the penalty of the movies not making enough money being the transfer of movie rights to certain Marvel characters. To me, that seems similar to some things Disney has done in the past with getting certain companies or government groups to help finance or completely finance the building of attractions. I'm not sure what else David Maisel did with Marvel however.

Another thing interesting about Cedar Fair parks is that many of them have an association with Peanuts comic strip characters with some attractions. This seems to be originally due to an association with some attractions at some parks with things made or distributed by CBS and/or Paramount. Some parks now owned by Cedar Fair were previously owned by Paramount. Many Peanuts tv specials and theatrical movies were aired on CBS or distributed to home video by CBS and Paramount. (Probably unfortunately for Paramount things relating to theme parks seem to have been sold to other companies besides Paramount when CBS and Paramount split apart. You can see Paramount seems to have started over in terms of theme parks recently after this split and once briefly owned Terra Mítica. This reminds me of when Vivendi sold a bunch of land near Universal Studios in Orlando. Some of that land Universal recently repurchased.)

Fox and apparently Blue Sky Studios were involved in the creation of the recent Peanuts movie. That movie wasn't a big block buster movie financially, but it was well-reviewed critically. Fox was also apparently involved in the distribution in some companies of the recent Peanuts tv show that was involved Dall'Angelo Pictures and Normaal Animation. Fox has also been involved in the distribution of the recent Garfield theatrical and straight to home video movies and also the distribution of the dvds for the tv show Garfield and Friends. Garfield as someone reading this likely knows is a character from comic strips. I find it interesting to think in the future, if Disney or Fox* were to purchase Cedar Fair whether an association with Peanuts would continue or even if an association with Garfield who is another comic strip character and some things at parks could occur.

I'm not sure how attractions at the parks should relate to Fox and/or Blue Sky Studios movies and tv shows. I've been thinking that if Cedar Fair parks could associate some things in their parks with things owned by Disney and/or Fox*; a decision could be made to not have things in all or most of those parks that are related to Disney movies, Pixar movies and shows, ABC shows and movies, Disney Channel shows and movies, DisneyXD shows and movies, Touchstone movies and shows, nor Jerry Bruckheimer movies and shows. Although, similar to what I said I'm not sure if that would be a good thing to do. I think some things at the parks could be done that relate to some Fox and Blue Sky Studios movies and tv shows that are appropriate for children without changing the style of the parks much, especially if those changes to the park only happened in sections of parks that are currently aimed primarily at children. I'm less certain about things at the parks relating to some other Fox movies (such as the Predator and Alien movies) and tv shows in regards to plans about the future of attractions regarding a variety of characteristics such as the style and extensiveness of visual theming, how thrilling the attractions are, how fast the attractions vehicles move, how scary attractions are, how inappropriate for children visuals and audio of things in attractions are, the use of animatronics and video screens, the use of VR and/or AR technology, and how many characters in costumes there are.

An aspect of Marvel comics is that they have a history of making teams of superheroes and villains and individual superheroes and villains that do various things mainly in certain regional locations or otherwise have an association with certain geographical regions similar to real world locations. For example, the group Alpha Flight is associated with Canada, Great Lakes Avengers is associated areas near the Great Lakes in North America, West Coast Avengers has an association with the West Coast of North America, Wolverine has an association with Canada, Deadpool has an association with Canada, and Excalibur has an association with the United Kingdom. I find it interesting to think about how these associations could be involved with attractions at Cedar Fair parks or other parks. There have been rumors that Universal Studios will get rid of attractions relating to the X-Men. If there are Marvel characters that could then appear in parks East of the Mississippi River after that occurring that could make the gaining of the X-Men movie rights even better.

Also, I wonder if the contract with Universal Studios prevents Marvel characters from appearing in amusement parks or resorts that are in Canada or Caribbean islands that aren't part of the United States. Disney owns Castaway Cay which is part of the Bahamas and Cedar Fair owns several parks near the Great Lakes, particularly Canada's Wonderland which is a large amusement park in Canada and nearby the New York state and the Saint Laurence River. Like I mentioned above there are some characters associated with Canada in Marvel comics and movies. Other things not closely associated with Canada could also appear in Canada's Wonderland as well I imagine maybe even things associated more closely with NYC and the rest of New York state. There are also some imaginary islands in the Gulf of Mexico in Marvel comics that I imagine could appear in future Marvel movies and tv shows and/or could have attractions and/or resorts relating to them that could be located in a resort or park in a Caribbean island that is not part of the USA. However, again similar to some of the Fox movies and tv shows that aren't child appropriate, I'm not sure how well some of these Marvel things might fit in at some of these parks compared to the current style of the parks. Does anyone know if the Universal and Marvel contract would prevent things in Canada or the Caribbean?

Of course, having attractions relating to Fox things and Marvel things in Cedar Fair parks or other parks similar in style to Cedar Fair parks would still have to deal with plans about the future of attractions in those parks regarding a variety of characteristics such as the style and extensiveness of visual theming, how thrilling the attractions are, how fast the attractions vehicles move, how scary attractions are, how inappropriate for children visuals and audio of things in attractions are, the use of animatronics and video screens, the use of VR and/or AR technology, and how many characters in costumes there are.

Perhaps, the Terra Mítica park could be put under management of Cedar Fair if Disney were to purchase them both. That could even be a starting point for Disney and/or Cedar Fair eventually purchasing and/or building more parks elsewhere in Europe. Disney has already had Marvel characters appear at a Cedar Fair park that is East of the Mississippi River:

Something I find interesting that I mentioned in that previous thread, but think I should mention again about Disney purchasing Fox that could be influential on Disney or Fox* deciding to purchase all or some Cedar Fair parks is the future effects of autonomous vehicles through out the world. There are a lot of factors that would be important consider and it seems like quite a bit of uncertainty about the future possibilities of using autonomous vehicles and their effects. Plus, like I mentioned previously Disney and Fox predictions about the future of VR and AR games and activities, real estate prices, traveling fairs/carnivals, traveling arcades, and the effects of those things on many other things could all be very influential on future plans regarding amusement parks. However the idea that autonomous vehicles could increase the willingness of many people to travel to amusement parks I find intriguing and thought I would mention again as it seems like it could be pretty relevant to a purchase of by Disney or Fox* of amusement parks.

Lastly, some other ideas I find intriguing that I've been thinking about and which I may elaborate on later is the prospect is that the location of current Cedar Fair amusement parks and possibly other future themed or unthemed amusement parks, thrill parks, and/or arcades could tie-in in some ways to ideas I've had about Disney in the future becoming involved in various businesses. I'm not so sure about the economic viability of these things in the near or far future, but I find them intriguing. In particular I've been thinking about the following businesses ventures:

-Disney, Fox*, and/or Disney subsidiaries building one or more parks of some kind nearby one or more amusement parks, but outside Anaheim and Orlando
-Cruise ships traveling North and South along the Mississippi River
-Cruise ships going from locations in the Gulf of Mexico to Caribbean Islands, Central America, South America, and Europe
-Cruise ships traveling within the Great Lakes to potentially the Saint Laurence River, polar regions, and Europe
-Disney, National Geographic, Fox*, and/or Disney subsidiaries getting involved in some way with Macanac Island or similar locations which look like 'living history museums' or actually are such (Roy Disney actually set a kind of sailing record for traveling from near Chicago to near Macanac Island according to Wikipedia. "Roy E. Disney set the monohull record, 23 hours, 30 minutes, in Pyewacket in 2002.")
-Cruise ships traveling in the Hudson Bay
-Disney having one or more parks very close to the Mississippi River which could possibly have cruise ships dock near the one or more parks
-Disney operated buses, other kinds of roadway vehicles, and/or trains traveling from one or more parks somewhere near the Mississippi River (possibly near St. Louis and/or Kansas City) to close to Disneyland in Anaheim and back from Anaheim to near these one or more areas (This could possibly involve stops at historic Route 66 attractions along the way to the locations, possibly stops along the way to engage in various activities similar to what people might experience with some Adventures by Disney activities, and maybe stops for people to do some other things.)

What do you guys think about one or more of these things in these posts and what are some ideas regarding things like I mentioned at the beginning of the thread about Disney buying things or cooperating with businesses that some of you all reading this have or even have read other people mention that you found interesting?
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I would be interested in reading some people's opinions on Disney getting involved financially in something similar to what is described in this article:


How much should they invest or get involved in something like this? Should they invest in something soon? Is it too risky now? Do you think they invest a few years from now?

I'm thinking this could be a way to maybe get people to purchase more merchandise to help make up possibly for declining toy sales in the US due to Toys R Us closing at least some of their stores, but it could also help increase the number of people going to movie theaters if these things are located near movie theaters. The VR and AR experiences that are located nearby a movie theater could be related to a movie that is currently in theaters at the same time as when the VR or AR experience is available for people to experience. Some or all of the VR and/or AR experiences could be available only for a limited amount of time to encourage people to experience it if this was economically appealing to do. They could also have places nearby that are similar to Chucky Cheese, Dave and Buster's, Boomers! Parks, and other various 'fun parks' or 'family entertainment centers'. I don't know if they would want to closely associate the name Disney and movies by Disney animation and tv shows that air on the Disney channel with some of these 'fun parks' however due to inviting comparisons with Disney World and Disneyland. Maybe these fun parks could actually be run by Fox or something similar to a successor organization to Fox like I have described in other posts in this thread. There could be discounts offered for the purchase of one thing if another thing is purchased. Like if a movie ticket is purchased at the same time as a ticket for the VR/AR experience or if there is proof of purchase of a movie ticket, there could be a discount for one of them or for both. Of course, there could also be discounts between purchases of things at the Disney store, the fun park, VR/AR experience, and a theater.

Disney stores similar to the ones that already exist in various places could still be located nearby these fun parks within the same mall however. I know Disney tried something similar to a 'fun park' in the past as regional entertainment, but I wonder if it might be worth revisiting it possibly due to it being cheaper to occupy space in many malls now compared to the time in the past when it was attempted. It could give people a place to go more often that could cost less than Disney World and Disneyland (similar to if Disney or Fox* were buy and run some or all Cedar Fair parks) if Disney thinks that at least some parts of Disney World and/or Disneyland should become more expensive than they are currently for various reasons (such as the increasing income gap in the US, people recording videos of attractions that can be watched online and provide a similar experience to actually going on the attraction, and other reasons). Also, there seems to be a growth in movie theaters that allow dining while watching the movie. I wonder if near these same locations Disney could be involved in movie theaters or maybe live action entertainment where people eat while watching a movie or live entertainment. Maybe this could help with problems regarding movie attendance and the cost of movie tickets in the future if it seems like there will problems with this in the US. There seem to currently be legal restrictions regarding owning movie theaters and producing movies at the same time in the Us. However, maybe this could change at some time in the future due to similar restrictions for television changing over time and there now being streaming companies, internet sites, and internet service companies that are owned by a group that also owns a group that produces video entertainment that is distributed through these streaming services and/or internet sites.

I would be interested to read some people's thoughts about these things I mentioned above near VR or AR activity places, separate from such places, or similar things people have thought of and could mention.
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