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bumblebee movie 2018

erasure fan1

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OK, so the first trailer is out and I have to say I think this could be a really good re start for the transformers.
I know people love to hate on the Bayformers, and I think he did overstay his welcome, I still enjoyed the movies. But this trailer gave me a much better feeling than I expected. I love how Bee and Star Scream have that original G1 look but it's still grounded in reality. I wonder since they canceled the next transformers movie, if this does well, do they use this as a new starting point or will it just be a one off and the real re-boot comes later.


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I absolutely abhored the Michael Bay movies.

This, though, looks like it could be pretty good. I liked Kubo and the two Strings, so hopefully this director knows what he's doing. He's already publicly said that he's aiming for a live action version of The Iron Giant, which seems like a good plan. I definitely got Iron Giant vibes from the trailer, and noticed a shot or two cribbed from How to Train Your Dragon and Monster Trucks as well. Here's to hoping they keep the cast down to 2 or three robots and do everything exactly the opposite of how Bay did it.
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