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Bug Juice


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Bug Juice is like my absolute favorite show on the Disney Channel, i am obsesed. Camp Highlander use to be where my camp is located now, and after that season aired Foti came to my camp to see what it was like, one of my really good freinds was there when he came, and she is also obsessed with Bug Juice, and she got some pictures for me. But that is besides the point, i wanted to know if anyone hac any idea when the next season will start? I can't wait! :p


I'm Surrounded by Idiots
I loved Bug Juice too I liked that every year they changed the camp that it was at. I wish I could have gone to camps like the ones they have on the show. They were pretty cool.

Lady Tinkerbell

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As crazy as it sounds, I met Hassan from the first season. He lives near Chapel Hill, NC, and I met him at the North Carolina All-State Choral Clinic back when I was in high school. I felt sooooooo stupid running up to him and telling him how even though I was 16, I LOVED Bug Juice. It turns out I only stroked his ego even more. He had a really BIG head and absolutely adored the attention he got from me. Oh-Well.
I used to have his email address too, but I lost it. :brick:


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Bug Juice was a great show, I liked Camp Highlander the best, I hope Disney airs the show this summer. I also have the whole theme song memorized.:lol: Bug Juice doesn't come in a jar :lol: i won't sing the rest:lol:

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