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Bring your dog to Magic Kingdom day?


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Haters gonna hate...

My initial post suggested a day where you could take your dog on a walk thru Magic Kingdom early in the morning PRIOR to the park opening. Similar to what they do for marathons. Since nobody reads, people started posting about how dog owners are morons for wanting to take thier dogs to WDW during normal park hours. Nobody said that. People just started dishing it out like the topic was Obama or something.

Gig 'Em Mickey

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No disrespect intended OP, but what is the fascination for people bringing their dogs everywhere? I see people taking their dogs in infant carriers into freaking home depot. Pushing them in dog strollers through Target. I just don't understand it.

I think your idea would have some fun photo opportunities for owners, but overall the pets would not care, and it would be a hassle for all involved.


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This is about as stupid as an idea as when the Indians did that promotion where you could bring your dog to a game.

Newsflash, dogs are not meant to be everywhere.


I dont believe you
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I don't see this happening for a number of reasons, the biggest being the liability Disney would assume by having a sponsored event that would likely result in injury to guests.


LMAO omg what would be next dogs in delivery rooms? Maybe dogs in ER Rooms, people dogs are just that dogs. If you need to treat ur dog like a person please get help!

The Empress Lilly

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I would love to have my dog with me over at Fort Wilderness. Must be awesome, to walk the trails.

A theme park...not so much. I don't need my or anybody else's dog sniffing and _____ against the lampposts of Main street.


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I am an avid dog lover and have a rescued beagle and miniature dachshund, but I would never want to take either to the parks. I take mine to the dog beach on Honeymoon Island, for walks around Celebration, but a Theme Park is not a place I would ever take my dogs. Too many people, too many crowds, too few bathroom locations and what is there really for them to do and to expel energy?


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Sure if they add "bring my cat day", "bring my exotic pet day", etc.

But until then...nah, all set. Dog owners aren't special.


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I think the idea is great, as long as is not from May to September. Dogs, to many people, are full fledged family members. Some people chose to have dogs over children in fact so including them in a family vacation or for a day of fun is nice I think. Ultimately it probably would Not work but the idea is nice.


Blink, blink. Breathe, breathe. Day in, day out.
I particularly like this idea... at least for owners with toy-size dogs :)


The last original pavilion. :king:

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