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Bring home snacks from Disney


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Chocolate covered pretzels..
Candy bars from U.K..and Italy chocolates...
The rosa regale wine from Italy...(I think that is the name..)
I would bring a Funnel Cake home if it would not get all yucky....
and I love the Napoleons from The pastry shop in France...YUM!!!


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I always pick up some fudge for my DH and I get a giant chocolate rice krispy treat and one of those huge chocolate/caramel apples from the Confectionary on Main Street. I love that place!:D


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autumndawn1006 said:
Darn! From the title I thought you wre offering to bring some home.

I always try to bring some home, but it doesn't make it past the 8 hour ride home :rolleyes:

:lol: :lol: That would be cool if someone was offering to buy, huh? My husband finishes probably half of the snacks before we get to I-10 from I-75. Hey...you are in Pensacola?? :drevil: We could come raid your Disney snacks on the way home if you have any left so we can make it the whole way home. :lol:


Chocolate covered mickey pretzels (usually melted and stuck together in one large lump) and Ghirardellis squares. mmmm!


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I usually bring back several bags of mickey pretzels, mickey cheddar snacks and mickey sandwich cookies, so I can still have disney world with me a few months. (I get terrible WDW withdrawal so it helps)


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goofy gummies, i cannot live without them. i find myself going to the world of disney store in manhatten to buy them.


I brought back a disc of chocolate in a tin and also a lolly, but I just cn't eat them for some reason so they have been sat in my cupboard for over 5 months now. :lol:

I also got one from Paris and that has been sitting there for 11 months now. :lol:

Matt and Kelly

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On our last couple trips to Disney Parks, we usually get a bag of Goofy's Taffy. I love that stuff...the bag always gets back to the hotel but rarely gets home!


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For my wedding, we were doing little welcome baskets in people's hotel rooms (I live in Pgh, the wedding was in Ohio but it was Disney themed). So a month beforehand, we drove to Disney and bought 60 bags of mini chip & dale pretzels, 30 bags of chocolate castle coins, lots of boxes of the chocolate or vanilla oreo type character cookies, and lots of boxes of mickey chocolate covered pretzels. The people working at WOD and Goofy's Candy thought were were nuts. We had to explain the whole thing. Our car was packed driving home.


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Years ago I brought home a turkey leg for my father.
Now we bring home Goofy pretzels, lots of candy, coffee and cookies from the bakery. YUM!!


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On our last couple trips to Disney Parks, we usually get a bag of Goofy's Taffy. I love that stuff...the bag always gets back to the hotel but rarely gets home!

We usually get a few boxes of the Goofy Taffy for us and our loved ones back home here. It is VERY affordable and yummy! :slurp: I am still picking away at ours from our trip last month (usually have a few every couple of days or so).

Glad to see you and your wife enjoyed your recent March trip so much. We too enjoyed our March 2009 Spring Break trip so much that we have decided to skip going on an anniversary trip in March 2011 (which would be our 20th wedding anniversary) with just the two of us going for ANOTHER family vacation to the World instead! We would both rather be in WDW with the family than anywhere else in the world at this point in our life! :hammer::sohappy:

Welcome to the sites by the way from a fellow Canadian!:wave:


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My husband and our oldest son are educators, so I sometimes go to WDW with friends due to their restrictive schedules. On the way home, I stop in at the Earport shop at MCO and bring them white chocolate-covered Mickey pretzels and sour Goofy candy. Sometimes rice krispie treats jump into the bag at the last minute.


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Lots of candy. Fudge, Cookies, etc. I think I spent over sixty dollars in Seashore Sweets as we were checking out last time.


Candy from Japan and rock candy from Mouse Gear.

I used to buy little cookie things from Japan every time I went. Then a few weeks ago, I found them at the Asian market down the road for $.99 each... versus the $5-6 at the Japanese Pavillion. :mad: So if you have an Asian market near where you live, take a look and you might be able to find your candy there for a bargain!

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