Trip Report Breaker Breaker 1-9, We're goin' live!


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Enjoy the ride!


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We had the pork sliders (they were great, IMO), then we had a few impossible burgers (or whatever they're called), again, great. and we also had the loaded mac and cheese which we both liked. So far, F&W has been good to us!

I love her t shirt.


We rode Soarin' and then stopped at Canada pavilion for a proper beer.

La Fin du monde for me ...


And C had a 1664 in France

We stopped in the Guerlain shop so she could pick up some kind of make up. C is a freelance skin care specialist for Chanel and has done some work for Guerlain so she knows their products. The store was filled with tire kickers so the employee who helped her was excited to actually have a customer who knew what they wanted. She made her purchases and we headed back towards IG. I wanted to stop in the sports shop in England and we saw this cool window display.


We made our way back to the resort since it was 430 pm and we still hadn't received a room ready text (shocker). We didnt mind though. We were happy to be on vacation. We got to the front desk and asked if I room was ready and the cast member checked and noticed we hadn't received a text or the room was not assigned yet. She apologized and we told her it was not a problem. We chatted for a few minutes while she made a phone call and she was very sweet and upgraded our room for the delay and added three extra fast passes for all of us for the morning. We told her it was not necessary but she insisted. Can't argue with that lol.


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C's cousin and his son arrived shortly after we got our room. We let him out front of the lobby. We had set up some birthday presents and balloons for baby R, and we all pretended like we did not know where they came from when we entered the room. It had a note from Mickey telling him happy birthday and the presidents were from him. He absolutely loved it!

We strolled around the boardwalk and had a few drinks while R played some of the carnival games. we got some sandwiches for dinner and headed back to the room and cleaned up and hit the sack early to be up for magic hours at Magic kingdom in the morning. Sorry for no pictures. I did not have my phone on me.
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