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BRE - WDW Semi's - SplMt vs SSE

SplMt vs SSE

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For those of you new to this, we're determining the best ride in all of WDW. First we're breaking it down by park and then throwing each park's finest against each other to determine the most enjoyed ride in ALL of Walt Disney World.

We've decided the best at each park. Splash Mountain, Spaceship Earth, Tower of Terror, and Expedition Everest have all risen to the top.

Splash Mountain and Spaceship Earth both won by IDENTICAL margins. 21-14 beating Haunted Mansion and Soarin respectively. Now it's time to seperate the men from the boys. Splash Mountain is the last E-Ticket ever built at MK, but SSE is an Epcot icon. Both were at parks included in walts origonal vision, but which one has captured the hearts and minds of the masses.

Which attraction will go into the GRAND FINALS to challenge the DHS/DAK winner? Only the WDWMAGICIANS can decide.....


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This was a tough one for me. I had to finally go with Splash Mountain. I just seem to enjoy that ride more.
I totally agree, however if we were still talking about SSE before the rehab then I would have said SSE all the way. Since that is not the case, I went with splash.


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if Splash was working PERFECTLY (like it was when i 1st went on it), it would be splash hands down. however, even with 1/2 of the AA's n what not not working, i still gotta go with Splmt. They both have size and scope, but spl has that touch of thrill that i need for the best of the best rides (imo).

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