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BRE - Magic Kingdom Semi Finals SplM vs BTRR

SplM vs BTRR

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For those of you new to this, we're determining the best ride in all of WDW. First we're breaking it down by park and then throwing each park's finest against each other to determine the most enjoyed ride in ALL of Walt Disney World

We've had two rounds thus far, and now that we trimmed the fat, it's time for the real competation to begin....

Frontierland will never be the same after the addition of these two mountains. Splash Mountain is pitted against its big brother Big Thunder Railroad in the battle for the best in the west. Splash Mountain was the last E-ticket to touch Magic Kingdoms Soil. With A crazy cast of cartoon anamatronics, brer rabbit shows you what it's like to be thrown down into a brier patch. And yes, brer bear is STILL 'just lookin'. Big Thunder Railroad might be a mountain, but it's not like any other. With three lift hills and and a safty on bench seating, riding this ride alone can be down right dangerious. Although it lacks a pre ride explination, post ride theming, or a BTRR photo/gift shop, it's still the wildest ride in the wilderness!

Who will move on to the Magic Kingdom Finals? Only the WDWMagicians can decide.....


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That was tough, because I like them both about the same. BTMRR is one I really enjoy, despite the fact that it may not be as 'thrilling' as the other coasters, it's just a great ride and I love being whipped around. But I went with Splash, maybe because it's a longer ride, it's got catchy music, of course the giant drop, and there's always the chance of getting wet ;)

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