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BRE - Epcot Semi Finals Soarin vs EEA

Soarin vs EEA

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For those of you new to this, we're determining the best ride in all of WDW. First we're breaking it down by park and then throwing each park's finest against each other to determine the most enjoyed ride in ALL of Walt Disney World

We've had two rounds thus far, and now that we trimmed the fat, it's time for the real competation to begin....

Soarin got a first round bye, taking the 1st place ranking along with it. This ride creates garage create innovation with flavored air and hilocopter scenes of califorina. Anyone who likes to be lifted up, barely moved, smell things, and watch imax movies is in for a treat! If you like waiting 40 minutes while looking at trivia questions, then soarin is for you! Going against it is Ellen's Energy Adventure. Edging out Mission Space by one vote, EEA is one of the longest rides in all of Disney. Ellen's antics combined with the foundation of Epcot 81, learning. With Ellen and Bill's combination not only is Jeopardy watchable, but NPR is actually something you WANT to listen to!! EEA is truely an attraction for all.

Who will move on to the Epcot Finals? Only the WDWMagicians can decide.....


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