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BRE - Disney's Hollywood Studios Semi Finals TSMM vs RnRC


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For those of you new to this, we're determining the best ride in all of WDW. First we're breaking it down by park and then throwing each park's finest against each other to determine the most enjoyed ride in ALL of Walt Disney World

We've had two rounds thus far, and now that we trimmed the fat, it's time for the real competation to begin....

Second versus third, RnRC meets TSMM in the semi finals. Toy Story Midway Mania is the newest attraction at DHS. Combining 3D graphics with a fun carnival style buzz lightyear game, TSMM is truely an adventure for the whole family. Especially the 2 and a half hour wait. If you can survive that adventure, you deserve all the fun you can handle! Rock n Roller Coaster is Disney's most powerful coaster. Blasting you off in two seconds and taking a picture of your face s__________g for air is just the begining of the fun. There's also a backflip, a barrel roll.......some moving forward.....some moving sideways.....some more moving forward. Yep, fast blast off, 2 inversions, and aerosmith; truely half....no wait...an experience!

Who will move on to the DHS Finals? Only the WDWMagicians can decide.....

Matt and Kelly

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This might be the toughest choice for me. Both rides are unreal but Toy Story takes it. No real reason why, I just have a blast every time I play the games!

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