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I just got back for PORS and there was a flyer for a bounce back offer on the table in my room. Unfortunately I did not look into the details of it but there will be a good chance that the same offer will be in your resort room when you get there.
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I kept the flyer from the room. The bounceback offer in our room in April was the following:

40 per cent off Deluxe Villa
30 per cent off Deluxe Resort
30 per cent off Moderate Resort


"For most nights":

8/10 - 9/27
10/19 - 11/1
11/9 - 11/15
11/30 - 12/13

We booked AKL at end of November for $177/night, standard view. At that time, we tried for WL, POFQ, Contemporary, and of our choices only AKL, but no savannha view, standard view was available. This may have changed, some people may have canceled with gas prices, etc., now. Good luck. Going back in 2 days, I would assume the same Bounceback would still be in the room.
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You know I expected "for most nights" to mean I could get pretty much what I wanted but far from it. The resorts I wanted were not available at all and I had to settle for something else.

It is a GREAT deal, but I just didn't understand that it wasn't foolproof.
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