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Bookkeeping for Disney Plus and the various studios.


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Disney Plus is supposed to lose money for seversl years. However, the question is, is Disney losing money or making money from the loss? I know most people will automatically say, if Disney Plus is losing money then Disney has to be losing money. But, that is not necessarily true. Disney Plus is paying the other Divisions for their content. In fact, the other Divisions should be making money on their sales. I believe that Netflix was paying 300 million a year for the Disney content but I have no idea what Disney Plus is paying but it should be higher.

The impossible thing to know is how and where The Walt Disney Company wants to report their profits. They could over pay the Studios for content and the Studios would make more. On the other hand they could underpay and improve the profitabiliy of Disney Plus. Then their is the question of ownership of the shows made exclusively for Disney Plus. Are the shows owned by Disney Plus or the various Studios. In the end, it may not affect the total bottom line but it will have an effect on who gets bonuses and how much.
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