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Boma or Sanaa


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We have booked an early dinner at Boma but are now wondering whether to change it to Sanaa instead. Do you see the animals from both restaurants? I would really prefer to go where we can see the animals. Thanks for your help :)


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I don't know the answer to that, in fact now that you bring it up, I had no idea you could see the animals from either restaurant. I booked Boma's for breakfast buffet and Sanaa for dinner on the same day, and I am doing the AK park that day and skipping lunch so I will find out and let you know in a week and a half!:p


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You can't see the animals at all from Boma and there are not many table agienst the windows at Sanaa to see the animals, not to mention that once the sun starts to set you can't really see out the windows anyway. Also, there is no guarentee that if you go when it is daylight that there will be many animals to see. However, both Jambo House (Boma) and Kidani (Sanaa) have many places to go and view the animals. You can easily spend a night just checking out the resorts.

As for the food, that is really up to you. We find that Boma is one of the better buffets on property (one of the few we'd actually pay for OOP) and Sanaais one of the best 1TS restaurants and, IMO, is better than some of the Signatures on property. I wouldn't base your meal around which restaurant you can see animals at and which you can't but more based on which menu appeals to you more.


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I've never been to Boma - but Sanaa is fantastic.

You can view animals while you wait for your table - and if you get a window seat - you'll see more. We found the service and the atmosphere to be beyond our expectations. The food was very excellent and I'm a picky eater but I found something I loved (the beef short ribs) and can't wait to eat it again in 53 days


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As PP have said, you can't see the animals from Boma...and I wouldn't base your choice off of that. In my opinion, Sanaa is better and is right near Kidani's safari...so if you're not one of the very few that gets a window table, just head out to the safari after dinner.

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As GoochDSA mentioned, you will be able to see animals around the resort. If it were me, I'd book Boma and then set some time aside before or after dinner to do some discovery around the property.

This. Plan on visiting the resort an hour or so early to walk around the grounds because, once the sun sets you won't be able to see anything. I cannot speak for Sanaa but there are no savannah view tables at Boma.


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I've eaten at both, and I'd have to suggest Sanaa. The food is very good at both locations but the service and ambiance (and the animals!) at Sanaa make that the clear winner for us. We had a table right next to the window once with some amazing views with lots of animals. The second time we were further back in the restaurant but still had a nice view. Boma was too hectic and packed for me.


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I wouldn't suggest basing your choice on whether or not you could see any animals or not, but would more consider the menus and if you prefer a buffet (Boma) or a la carte meal (Sanaa). There are plenty of savannah viewing areas around AKL you can take advantage of before and after eating.

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Sanaa is my favorite but in all fairness I am not a buffet person. Been in the restaurant business too long!
The thing I like about Boma is that it is NOT like buffets outside of Disney - the fresh food keeps coming and coming - and I can "sample" in my first trip, then get more of the most delicious selections. I live far from the World, so I wanted to try it all during one week!


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Just to reiterate what everyone else is saying bascially:

The choice of restaurants is a personal question based on your tastes. Either choice I would recommend getting there about an hour early and go outside view the animal exhibits and then wander around the beautiful exterior. The lobbies are incredible and worth taking time to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere. If you enjoy an adult beverage perhaps stop by the lounge and relax a little.

As far as prefered type of dining they are two very different experiences. Boma is a buffet style restaurant with a fairly eclectic cuisine based around mostly African style dishes. The food is great, fresh and plentiful. Saana is a more relaxed fine dining experience. The cuisine is also varied but tends to be more Asian inspired(Indian). Just to make the choice even harder, there is Jiko(my favorite), it also is a fine dining eatery and has a nice mix of African style cuisine and wines. They are all great but all pretty different. Boma will be the cheapest since it's a buffet and the bar choices will be limited. So it depends on your family and choice of atmosphere and dollar range.


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I think the part about seeing the animals has been answered. As far as which one to choose, would you rather have a buffet or a off the menu restaurant? We love Boma, have been there the past two trips and going again in January. After you stuff yourself, Zebra Domes anyone :D, you can walk around the resort. They have all kinds of things going on outside. Story telling by the fire, on some nights they have CMs standing by the Savannah with night vision goggles so you can see some of the animals at night. Plus, its a really cool resort.

My vote would be Boma, but I am a bit biased and haven't been to Sanaa yet


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We ate at Sanaa in May and LOVED it!! I'm a VERY picky eater and I found the Tandoori chicken to be very good. We also got the bread appetizer and that was DELICIOUS!!!! We got the naan, onion kulcha and papdum bread with the cilantro chutney, mango chutney and red pepper hummus. It was the first time I have ever tried hummus and it was wonderful!


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Sanaa has an Indian flair to it. I wouldn't say its as spicy or authentic as your local Indian restaurant may be, and it is a bit more upscale than the places around me. Not at all snooty, just a cleaner presentation. It is much smaller than Boma, a fair bit quieter, and if you have a window seat, yes, you may be able to see animals.

Boma is a bit more varied, and encompasses a wider range of flavors. It covers more of Africa as a continent, but yet still has kid friendly options. It can be very noisy as most large open buffets tend to be. There are windows, but the only animals you will see might be some local birds, or kids running by on the way to the arcade/pool.

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